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Protect Your Investment with Our Building & Pest Inspections in Brisbane

Your home will likely be one of the biggest investments you make in your lifetime, which means it’s paramount you don’t let it become overridden and destroyed by pest infestations.

South-East Queensland is well known for its gorgeous architecture which often includes elements constructed from timber. While such houses look great, they can easily become vulnerable to timber pest damage and attack. One way to ensure your new or existing home is safe is by requesting a thorough pest and building inspections.

protect your investment

A house and pest inspection is a low cost measure you can take to protect your investment and remedy issues before they become larger concerns. They are quick, performed by qualified and experienced professionals and identify any building defects or potential problems in the property you’re thinking of purchasing.

All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports (ASBIR) provide all your house and pest inspection needs. Whether you’re buying an existing house, bidding at auction, building a new home, selling or renting your property, you can count on us to look after your interests by giving you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Our House and Pest Inspections Reports

We believe the best pest and building inspections review a property with a keen eye before providing a report that is free of jargon. We invite you to attend the inspection so we can discuss our findings in person before providing you with our official, easy-to-read report.

All building & pest inspections are conducted by a highly experienced and fully licensed and insured building inspector. Our team conducts all inspections in accordance with Australian Standards AS4349.1 for a Pre-purchase Building Inspection and AS4349.3 for a Timber Pest Inspection.

With ASBIR, there’s no conflict of interest because we don’t sell termite barriers or pest treatment.

We Use the Latest Technology to Get You Accurate Results

Along with our sound knowledge and expertise, we use the latest in pest and building inspection technology. Our specialized 3D Reporting System enables us to deliver a detailed and accurate report electronically.

Other inspection equipment and tools we use include thermal imaging cameras, moisture detection meters and borescopes. These are used as needed during inspections to detect many concerns, such as structural issues, termites, moisture problems, leaks and safety issues, to name just a few.

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission, or QBCC (formally QBSA), has very stringent processes, policies and procedures that must be strictly complied with. This is to ensure all building inspections are carried out by a licensed Builder and Completed Residential Building Inspector.

It is also important for your protection and peace of mind to know our building inspectors are fully insured. All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports are carried out by our team of fully licenced inspectors who are backed by the qualifications and experience to ensure the job is done to code. We are also fully insured with Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Pre-sale Building and Pest Inspections Reports

The discerning vendor or real estate agent will ALWAYS have a pre-sale pest and building inspection report conducted prior to listing a property for sale. A pre-sale building inspection provides you with knowledge of potential problems or building defects you need to resolve before hitting the market.

A pre-sale house or commercial building and pest inspection also prevents the unwelcome surprises that can arrive once a seller enters into a contract with a potential buyer. These surprises are often accompanied by a request to reduce the contract price.

Always be prepared to achieve the highest price for your Brisbane home, whether in the northside or beyond, by having your pre-sale pest and building inspection conducted by an ASBIR technician.

“We provide the highest quality building inspection reports and professional service that is second to none”

Regular Building and Pest Inspections are Important for the Upkeep of Your Home

After you’ve purchased your new home or investment property, it’s important to have regular house and pest inspections to help identify any damage or building defects as they occur. This will also uncover any potential timber pest such as termite borers or wet rot decay, and address such issues right away. Don’t risk leaving them only to cause bigger problems and further damage down the track when the problems are more difficult to fix.

Choosing a building and pest inspector with the experience needed to catch these problems early is important in order to ensure you don’t end up wasting money unnecessarily.

Our Extensive Service Area

Centrally based in the Moreton Bay region, we service a large part of South-East Queensland, including the Woodford and Kilcoy areas and all suburbs of Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. We can go as far North as Noosa, and South as far as the Gold Coast, and to Ipswich in the West, including the surrounding country towns of Rosewood, Fernvale and Lowood.

Proactively Protect Your Property

Like anything valuable, your home or investment property will need proper care and attention in order to retain its pristine condition. More than ensuring value, with proactive monitoring by an experienced and qualified team, you’re also doing your part to ensure a safe home for your family or for your tenants.

Here at ASBIR, we want to make maintaining your property as easy as possible. With a wide selection of services to choose from, competitive prices and reports that are easy to follow, you can make quick decisions on how to care for and maintain one of your biggest investments.

Call our team on 1300 553 007 today to make an enquiry about our building and pest inspection cost or to request a review.  Otherwise feel free to send us a message online and we’ll be happy to help.

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