Did you see the latest Channel 7 news report on the next annual termite flight Brisbane?

What is the Annual Termite Flight Brisbane? 

South East Queensland is an infamous termite hotspot and all residents should be on the alert over the next few week for the annual termite swarms.

Mid-November to mid-December is the peak time for termites to mate and start new nests (colonies). The conditions following Cyclone Debbie’s visit have been ideal for termites and with an unprecedented number of termites ready to procreate we are in for a larger than normal infestation.

Termites usually swarm at dusk when the weather is hot and humid, especially before storm activity. Hence their love of South East Queensland.

How to Protect Your Property from Termites

Home owners are only likely to become aware a swarm has taken place when they find dead winged termites in the windowsills and on the floors.

So what can you do? Here are some tips from ASBIR:

  1. Check your home & garden for signs of activity (mudding, nests, flying termites, dead termites)
  2. Check for leaking taps, drains/down pipes, stored water areas & areas with a lot of foliage
  3. Check your weep holes / slab edge
  4. Pay particular attention to stumps, retaining walls, and loose timbers
  5. Call ASBIR to carry out a full termite inspection. Request a free quote here

And if you find signs of activity remember:

  • Don’t disturb them (if you can avoid it)
  • Don’t spray them with bug spray, you will only make them move on to the next safe zone
  • Try to take photos or videos of the activity to keep on hand for your termite specialist

While the temptation to move the termites is huge, it can actually make it harder to locate them when your inspector arrives. Best to leave them in place until a qualified building inspector can assess the extent of the infestation and damage. 

Do I need a Building and Pest Inspection? 

If you think you may have found live termites and want an expert opinion, or are looking to purchase a property in a hotspot area or would just like peace of mind feel to give one of our helpful staff a call on 5432 3392.

Why call ASBIR?

No Conflict of Interest – With All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports there’s no conflict of interest because we don’t sell termite barriers or pest treatments.

What we do is provide is sound expertise and professional advice and reports which to help you make an informed decision so that you won’t be up for any nasty surprises or unexpected costs later on.

Our qualified building inspectors can undertake a range of comprehensive inspections of your property – all which include checking for termite infestations.

For more information, check out the following information:  


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