The Difference in Residential and Commercial Building Inspections in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast

The difference between an inspection done on a residential property and commercial building inspections in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast can be surprisingly large. Commercial properties come with a much wider range of issues and things to look out for than residential properties. They are larger, they are usually constructed of different materials and require a specialized building inspections.

When you are looking for a company to conduct commercial building inspections on the Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane, you must choose a company that is specifically qualified to deal with the special needs of commercial properties. The company you choose must understand the way that commercial buildings are constructed, and the way that these structures differ from the typical residential property.

Look for Experts who are Highly Experienced in Commercial Building Inspections

Whether a retail store, a factory, a warehouse, a restaurant, or a block of units, commercial buildings require a much more specialised focus than most residential properties.  You must choose a building consultant or building inspection company that understands commercial buildings and is conversant with the specific nature of commercial buildings, and is capable of pinpointing defects and problem areas including safety hazards in the property, that may require rectification immediately or maintenance in the future.

You must be certain when choosing your inspector or a building consultant to conduct independent quality inspections on your commercial property during construction, that you find one that is experienced in every aspect of commercial construction, from commencement of right through to practical completion or final handover, when you take possession of your new building or commercial property.

Only an experienced and qualified inspector can determine what the needs are of the specific type of property that is being constructed or purchased.

Getting the Heads Up on any Defects prior to Purchase is Imperative

By getting a pre-purchase commercial building inspection conducted you can get the heads up about any issues prior to a decision to purchase, and thereby minimize the risk of buying a property that is going to create costs for you down the track, that you didn’t bargain for. 

Building Inspections throughout Construction of a New Commercial Building are Important!

Building inspections are also necessary when building a new commercial property in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast. Building inspections are necessary at several points during the construction of a commercial property.

Handover Inspections at Practical Completion of Your New Commercial Property

Similar to a handover on a residential property, a Commercial Handover Inspection is the best way to find and note any defects and incomplete work prior to paying the building company the final payment and taking possession of your new building.

Regular Maintenance Inspections will Help Keep Your Property in Good Shape

In order to keep up the maintenance of the building so as to ensure it is kept in good condition, further maintenance inspections are necessary throughout the life of the property for a variety of reasons.  This way you are not going to be up for huge unexpected costs from not being aware of problem areas that may need attention, either immediately or in the future.

All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports “ASBIR’ are highly experienced in all types of Residential and Commercial building inspections and pest inspections.  Our expertise and professional building and pest reports will give you the expert advice you need, and give you peace of mind.  ASBIR provide comprehensive inspections and reports which contain photos, a summary of findings and the inspector’s recommendations for rectification or maintenance issues.

Why Timber Pest Inspections are Important for Commercial Buildings

Timber pest inspections are important on any property whether residential or commercial! Commercial Buildings can have timber components that require inspecting regularly for termite damage and other timber pest issues such as wet rot decay, which can severely compromise the integrity of the structure if timbers are affected.

Termites can be a problem in all types of buildings as they do not care whether they are eating the timber components in a residential homes or commercial buildings such as retail stores, warehouses or restaurant, it’s all the same to them! Regular timber pest inspection can minimize the risk of termites and other timber pest destroying your investment. Prevention is better than cure, so a pest inspection of all buildings that contain timber is recommended at least every 12 months, or more often for buildings that are a higher risk.  A commercial pre-purchase pest and building inspection is the best way to find out if there are any nasties in the property you are planning to purchase.

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