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Recently we conducted a Building & Pest Inspection North Lakes and made the dreaded discovery…termite damage!

Luckily, during the rest of the pre-purchase inspection we did not find any live termites.  But it did raise a question that is often asked when termite damage is discovered in a home.  Is this damage covered by insurance..?

Is Termite Damage Covered By A Home Building Insurance Policy..?

Unfortunately the answer is no, termite damage is not normally covered by your home building policy.

We suggest that you refer to your insurer’s home building product disclosure statement under the section for exclusions or things that are not covered which will state something along the lines of:

“We will not pay for any damage to your building or contents caused by vermin that also include rats, mice, or insects”

Termites are an insect.

Termites are capable of doing tens of thousands of dollars damage in a short period of time, but the damage caused is considered a preventable maintenance issue.

What Is The Ideal Cover?

Like all things, the best cover for termite damage is prevention.  And the best way to prevent a termite attack is with either a passive physical barrier or a chemical barrier in concert with regular termite inspections. Additionally, all termite barriers require a termite inspection, by a licensed pest inspector, at least annually to maintain the associated warranty.

As mentioned in the video above, a passive physical barrier does not prevent termites from entering your home.  Its purpose is to force the termites to go around the barrier, thus making them visible during a termite inspection.

Below is a video from a Building & Pest Inspection Coboolture that shows how termites get around a physical termite barrier and what to look out for.

What’s The Good News..?

The good news is that termite inspections are relatively inexpensive. ASBIR have a team of experienced, qualified and licensed Building & Pest Inspectors available to help you protect your home or investment property.

With our head office centrally based north of Brisbane and inspectors that live both northside and southside, we are ideally located to service a large part of South-East Queensland. We service all suburbs of Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Logan, Gold Coast and Ipswich, and surrounding hinterland areas.

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