All Suburbs Building Inspection Reports (ASBIR) regularly conducts residential and commercial building inspections across the Caboolture and North Brisbane region.

One recent residential report discovered substantial sub-floor issues that required urgent repairs.

“Many home owners and landlords neglect the sub-floor area without realising it can be the origin of many problems within a building,” said local expert and ASBIR Senior Inspector, Fred Broekman.

In order to accurately assess any potential damage or issues, our inspector needs to gain access to the sub-floor in order to detect footing issues, damp issues, wood rot and borer damage – either to the floor itself or the floor frame, along with leaking showers and concealed termite entry points.

Analysis of the sub-floor is routine in ASBIR’s comprehensive building inspections and critical for older homes where potential issues may have gone unnoticed for a number of years.

“In this case, the building was constructed on brick stumps and we identified more than eight cracked brick piers that required urgent repairs and replacement,” Fred indicated.

“We also noticed the underfloor soil was damp, suggesting that water runs through the sub-floor area. This water ponding in the sub-floor areas may adversely affect concrete footings over time.

“Our recommended approach was to continue to closely monitor the area and investigate modifications to divert water away from under the house in order to prevent long-term damage,” he said.

This Caboolture building inspection report also found that no ant caps had been installed.

“Antcapping is a crucial step to help minimise the likelihood of a concealed termite attack. It’s important to note that antcapping doesn’t necessarily prevent termites entering a structure, however, when fitted correctly they force the termites to build mud tunnels around the visible sections that will help with early detection,” Fred suggested.

ASBIR always recommend home and building owners engage a Licensed Pest Inspector, particularly if it’s not possible or practical to install antcapping retrospectively.

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ASBIR Client Testimonial: 

Firstly I would like to say that we were both impressed by the time Fred the inspector arrived. He went into detail with everything over the home. He explained a lot of things we would never have thought of. He was not afraid to let us know of details that could cause us problems or any issues with the house.  He was up front and honest with a lot of things. His patience was fantastic as well, since I had my two young children excited and moving around a lot through the place. Safety was one of the first main key things he pointed out in the inspection of the home.  We were quite satisfied with his work. We would gladly recommend All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports to anyone in the future.

D & S Dixon (Brassall – Building & Pest)

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