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Organise a Professional Property Inspection in Camp Hill

If you are looking to be close to the action but far enough away to enjoy the peace and quiet of a gorgeous residential suburb, then Camp Hill might be for you. Still an easy commute for those working in the city, with the benefits of large properties celebrating 50s and 70s architecture, this suburb is quickly becoming a favourite.

If you think you’ve found a place you’d like to call your own, get an objective second opinion before signing any contracts of sale. Offering pre purchase building inspections throughout Camp Hill and surrounds, ASBIR are your trusted providers of comprehensive reports that explain the true condition of your property.

Unfortunately, many of the problems that lie within a property are hard to see at a glance. By enlisting the help of an experienced building inspector, you’ll get a trained eye that knows exactly where to look to catch any hidden defects that could cause you problems down the road.

Why we’re a trusted name in pre purchase building and home inspections

We know what a special moment it is to find your next home or business, whether it’s your first investment or your tenth. To make sure it remains a happy occasion for years to come, we want to make sure you purchase a property that will stand the test of time.

We’re here for the long run

Of course, our home inspections aren’t just ideal for before you move in, they are perfect for checking in on your property on a regular basis and keeping on top of maintenance requirements. We offer annual pest inspections that check for termites and can also take a look at your property if you ever decide to rent it out to tenants.

We give you the facts without the jargon

Getting a property inspection becomes a little pointless if you don’t clearly understand the findings. At ASBIR, we leave all the jargon out and give you clear, easy-to-follow reports that give you the insight you need to make a decision on your property.

If you would like a building inspector in Camp Hill to come and take a look at a commercial or residential property you are interested in, please get in touch with our team for a free quote. Simply call 1300 553 007 or complete our online form and we’ll be in touch to see what you need.

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