Has your property been affected by Cyclone Debbie or the subsequent floods? Or do you have leaking gutters or drainage issues around your property that have resulted in timber decay?

All Suburbs Building Inspection Reports (ASBIR) conducts hundreds of independent building and pest inspections each year across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. We are South East Queensland’s leading commercial and residential building inspection experts trained to not only pinpoint defects, but identify the potential cause so you can rectify the issue and prevent significant repairs or replacement in the future.

Wet rot decay is one of the most common issues we see in timber structures with poor water drainage or properties lacking suitable plumbing solutions.

What is wet rot?

Wet rot should not to be confused with dry rot (termite damage) and should not be dismissed or overlooked as it has the potential to cause substantial damage to property.

Wet rot attacks timber in damp conditions and is a common cause of structural defects particularly when allowed to go unchecked.

When does wet rot occur?

In order to grow, wet rot requires a regular source of moisture. This often comes from sources like defective plumbing, gutters, downpipes or stone pointing.

It can also occur during severe weather events such as cyclones or flooding where the timber is damaged is submerged and affected beyond repair.

When excess moisture penetrates timber it can allow fungal spores to germinate and grow, this eventually leads to the timber losing its strength.

How do I know if I have wet rot?

Indications of wet rot are a damp, musty smell, fungal growth, cracking or distortion and weakening of timber.

You may be able to see some evidence of wet rot decay on external facing timber, however, it is highly recommended that you seek expert advice from a qualified building inspector who can make an accurate assessment of the potential damage.

How do I stop or prevent wet rot?

Wet rot decay is typically confined to areas where the timber has become wet. Identifying the source of the ongoing moisture penetration is key.

It’s not enough to repair the damage caused by wet rot, you must fix the source to prevent wet rot reoccurring.

What do I need to do if my property has wet rot?

If moisture damage is found to the timber battens, repairs or replacement is often recommended however the severity of the wet rot will determine the next step.

For example, ‘moderate wet rot decay’ to a structure may only require repairs or maintenance, whereas ‘severe decay’ will typically need replacement.

What should I do if I suspect my property has wet rot?

Book an independent building inspection with ASBIR and we can thoroughly inspect your property from top-to-toe. This includes assessing moisture damage where we will seek to identify the cause of the issue (if ongoing).

ASBIR will always refer you to a relevant expert such as a structural engineer if damage is significant and deemed necessary. We are committed to providing our clients with peace of mind and do not conduct the repair work ourselves so you can be assured that we are not trying to ‘upsell’ any damage or repairs in order to secure more work.


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