Why Brisbane and Sunshine Coast Property Owners Might Need a Dilapidation Inspection and Report on their Home, Investment Property or Business Premises prior to constructioin commencing on an Adjacent Property.

Building and Pest inspections cover a wide variety of issues and potential problems, prior to purchase or construction, but with the increased amount of commercial construction going on at the moment, particularly in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast, homeowners and small business owners are also looking for inspections for their homes and business premises that has more to do with other properties being built adjacent to or near to their property. These reports focus specifically on the potential issues other building and new construction projects in their area could possibly cause to their home or building during construction.

These are known as dilapidation reports. When it comes new construction in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast, dilapidation reports are necessary due to the large amount of construction and building that is taking place in the area and the potential for damage to be caused to surrrounding property due to construction going on

Generally dilapidation reports are done in two parts to determine both the pre-construction condition and post-construction condition of your property. The first is to investigate the initial condition of a home or property, and the second to assess if any damage, defects or other problems may have arisen as a result of the construction and building work that is taking place.

Why are these Dilapidation Reports important to Home Owners, Property Investors and Business Owners?

When an adjoining property is undergoing major construction projects, such as excavation, drilling or boring, there is a high potential for damage to your home or property. Unless you consult with building inspection and new construction experts such as All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports regarding a dilapidation report on your Brisbane or Sunshine Coast property, you have no options as a property owner to pursue claims for any damage that may be caused due to the construction adjacent to your property.

Usually construction and building companies have insurance that allows them to have such repairs as needed made to remedy any damage done on your home or property caused by their building activities, but if there is no proof that their construction efforts caused damage to your property there is not much you can do to make sure that these issues are taken care of, and can often lead to a long, messy legal processes that can cost both you and the company at fault large amounts in damages.

Engage only Building Inspection Experts for your Dilapidation Report

Often these kinds of reports are required when major construction projects are taking place by local builders or property developers, and as such when you are looking for a building inspection expert to conduct a dilapidation inspection in Brisbane or on the Sunshine Coast, you must be certain to look for those who are fully conversant with Australian Building Codes and Standards and also familiar with Commercial construction.

ASBIR are fully qualified and licensed to conduct Dilapidation Inspections and Reports in the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast region. Our building inspection expert we will look after your interests by inspecting your property prior to any construction commencing on adjoining properties and provide you with a detailed written dilapidation report with photos of any pre-existing defects and noting the general condition of your property prior to any building work commencing on adjacent properties, and if necessary after construction is completed.  

Dilapidation reports require several issues that need to be looked at with the utmost precision for such a report to be made completely and thoroughly. Experts who know the Bribane and Sunshine Coast area well, and who know the exact concerns that come with construction in the area, are better equipped to find issues that arise as a result of construction on adjoining properties.

Our Dilapidation Reports are a Detailed Written Report with Photo Evidence

A Dilapidation Report can lead to great benefits when you take into account the many issues that may arise as a result of construction around your home or property.  Construction companies and homeowners as well as business owners can all rest easier knowing that any pre-existing issues have been assessed and documented by All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports in a detailed written report which includes photo evidence.  This way both parties are covered and liability can quickly and easily be determined should such issues come up.  

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