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March 21, 2019   •   asbir   •


  • Is any render of good quality?
  • Is the brickwork layed consistently?
  • Are there any loose bricks?
  • Are the mortar beds and perps even and tidy?
  • Are all brick sills layed consistently?
  • Are all vertical articulation joints filled?
  • Are any fascias damaged?
  • Are any gutters damaged?
  • Are the downpipes installed correctly?
  • Are there any loose guttter brackets?
  • Are the downpipes properly connected?
  • Are the downpipes missing any brackets?
  • Is the roof properly completed?
  • Are there any dents or scratches in the roof sheeting?
  • Are the eaves lines straight?
  • Is the landscaping completed?
  • Is the fencing completed?
  • Is the fencing straight?
  • Are there any damaged timber palings?
  • Do the gates open and shut correctly?
  • Is the turf done properly?
  • Are the gardens completed and plants installed?
  • Are clotheslines installed?
  • Is the hot water unit installed?
  • Are external taps installed?
  • Has all building material and debris been removed from site?