When taking ownership of your brand New Home you would not expect it to come with dented Roof Sheeting would You? Yet this is only one of the many Defects All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports “ASBIR” picks up on a daily basis, while carrying out Handover Inspections on New Homes in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast area!


This photo shows the dented metal roof sheets our inspector found while carrying out a Handover Inspection on a new home in the Brisbane suburb of Cannon Hill.

While dents as such would not necessarily affect the serviceability of the roof, though aesthetically it is definitely not something that you would want to have to look at year after year, or even just know it was there.

As much as you might have your suspicions as to how the dents got there, with the all of the various tradespeople and others that come in and out to either carry out work or deliver goods and materials on a building site during construction of your new home, it is not always possible to know who caused the damage, especially if no-one has owned up, or was even aware that damage may have been caused by their activities.

This is just one of the reasons why a Handover Inspection is so essential!

There are many things ASBIR looks for in our building inspections, and defects such as dented roof sheeting is something that has to be noted at Practical Completion in order to for you to have the opportunity as the owner to have this rectified by the builder.

Once Handover has taken place, any defects or omissions that may still exist in the property, which are not noted at Practical Completion and before you receive the keys to the property and take possession of your new home, it can become very hard to prove that theny damage or defects existed prior to Handover and weren’t caused after Handover by the owners, or in the case of investment properties, the tenants.

For Your Protection and Peace of Mind!

For your protection and Peace of Mind when building your new home in any suburb of Bribane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast or Ipswich, you should have a Handover Inspection or PCI conducted by ASBIR before settlement or paying your final payment to the builder.

This way you can get an independent quality inspection of the complete internal and extermal areas of the home, and obtain a written Handover Report which includes a Summary of Findings or PCI Defect List noting the defects and incomplete work that need to be rectified prior to final handover!

Check out our Website for the many defects ASBIR look for at Your Handover Inspection!

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