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handoverWhen building a new home or investment property in Brisbane, a Handover Inspection, also referred to as a PCI, is a most important independent building inspection to have carried out at Practical Completion and before you pay the final payment.  Your property will be checked over inside and out and the any defects and incomplete work noted for rectification before you take possession of the new home or investment property. 

All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports  conduct handover Inspections for property owners and investors in all Brisbane suburbs.

What to look for in your Brisbane Handovers Inspector

Your new home or investment property is such a large investment and you want a handovers inspector who is independent, experienced as well as being licensed to conduct handover inspections.  You will want an inspector who is thorough and who provides a written inspection report noting any defects, incomplete work and other issues to the finished property.

At ASBIR we are dedicated to delivering highest quality Handover Inspection Reports to anyone building a new home or investment property in all Brisbane suburbs.

Why a Handover Inspection is so important

A Handover Inspection or Practical Completion Inspection Report hands down has to be the single most important independent inspection you can have carried out when you are building a new home or investment property.

A lot of building defects are not apparent to the untrained eye and that’s why it important to engage the services of a handover inspection expert who is licensed and qualified to conduct a quality assurance inspection for you at handover.

You should be aware that any defects not identified at the practical completion inspection might not get rectified by the builder and could it end up being difficult to get them to take responsibility, especially after you or your tenants move into the property and call it home.

What is Practical Completion?

Practical Completion is the time after the long and often stressful journey of home building when the contract works are finally completed and the house is almost ready to handover to the owner.  You can avoid disappointment and possible building disputes later by engaging an independent building inspector such as All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports to carry out a pre-handover inspection or PCI at this point to look for any defects or other issues that need to be rectified.

At Practical Completion, once the contract works have been completed by the builder, the property should be carefully scrutinized for any thing that is not in accordance with the Australian Standard.  At that point you have the opportunity of having defects rectified, or make agreements with the building regarding any rectification work that needs to be completed prior to settlement. Once you have a commitment in writing from the builder that they will rectify any defects and have been advised in what time frame this rectification will be carried out,  then you may confidently have handover, which essentially is the point at which the final payment is paid and you accept the keys to your new home.

The Importance of Engaging a Handover Inspection Expert

In a comprehensive handover inspection by ASBIR a highly experienced and fully licensed and building expert is specifically assigned to you to look after your interests and ensure that all building work is of a high standard and complies with Australian Building Codes and Standards.

Sometimes agents or property managers might offer to do a PCI for a home owner, but while agents may know a lot about real estate they are generally not qualified to carry out handover inspections, and this is why we recommend your Brisbane handover inspection only be done by a licensed building inspector who is also a licensed builder, such as All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports.

We have also heard some people say they don’t need a handover inspection because they have ‘a friend in the industry’ who can check the house over for them.  While this might seem a good thing, in our experience it is not a wise move because in most cases they are not licensed or insured to carry out building inspections, which can cause a whole host of issues, especially if something important is missed.

It’s best to play it safe and engage the services of licensed and insured inspector like All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports to carry out your Brisbane Handover Inspection.

An Independent Expert Looking after Your Interests

All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports is dedicated to delivering independent Handover Inspections Reports to Brisbane homeowners and property investors. We can confidently say that our handover inspection services are superior to the rest.

We are there to support you throughout the whole building process by providing quality inspections and professional advice you need in order to make informed decisions regarding your handover.

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 QBCC Qualified and Licenced

All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports building inspectors are fully QBCC licensed builders and building consultants with many years of industry experience.  QBCC or Queensland Building and Construction Commission is the governing body over all building work and building inspection carried out in Queensland.  Our licenses along with our extensive knowledge, experience and qualifications ensures our expertise and the professionalism necessary to conduct your handover inspection.

At All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports we go to great lengths to ensure that your handover inspection is carried out in a thorough, accurate and professional manner and in accordance with Australian Building Codes and Standards, so that you receive the highest quality inspection and most professional Handover Inspection Report available.

Can I attend the Handover Inspection?

As the client or property owner you are most welcome to attend the inspection and walk through the property with your inspector and discuss any concerns you may have and have to opportunity to have any issues found explained to you.  And if you aren’t able to attend, you can give the inspector a call after the inspection to discuss their findings or request a call from the inspector.

Prior to the inspection it’s important that you notify the builder that you are engaging the services of an independent inspector and that you will require access to site for the purpose of conducting the inspection.

Most builders are quite happy to allow access for you to have an independent inspection done.  Some will want to stay with you and the inspector the whole time and others will just let you walk through the property  with your inspector unhindered. If your builder is reluctant or refuses to allow an independent inspection you should check your contract requirements for Practical Completion. In our experience most contracts allow for independent inspections, at least at Practical Completion or prior to Handover.

Handover Inspection Defect List

Your ASBIR Handover Inspection Report is a document which includes a summary of the inspector’s findings, the defect list, in which any defects are noted under the various trades or contractor responsible for rectification. Your Handover Inspection Report may also contain relevant photos.  Your report comes in an easy to read format and is sent to you by email.  The list of defect list is forwarded to the builder for their attention and rectification. And if necessary we can  liaise with the builder on your behalf  regarding rectification of the defects or any items in dispute.  In the unfortunate case of a building dispute our report can be used to submit with a formal complaint to the QBCC or QCAT.

See what we check at Your Handover InspectionWhat we check at handoverBuilding Stage Inspections During Construction

We also recommend having building stage inspections carried out at various stages throughout construction i.e. slab stage, frame stage, enclosed stage, and pre-paint stage.  This way any problems can be picked up along the way rectified before the building work progresses to the next stage.

The friendly team at All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports are here to support you every step of the way with quality inspections and professional advice which will help you make  informed decisions and give you peace of mind.

We achieve an End Product of Exceptional Quality

ASBIR’s  handover inspections are far superior to that of other handovers companies as we inspect many extra aspects of your home than others don’t i.e. the external roof system including gutters , the site including fences, retaining walls, landscaping and site drainage. We also inspect the complete interior including the ceiling cavity, and also check the floor tiles with a special tool to detect any cracked or drummy tiles.

We work with buyers, sellers, agents, property marketers, property managers and builders alike, to achieve an end product of exceptional quality and finish!

We take our work seriously and pride ourselves on our high standard of customer service. We go the extra mile to ensure your experience is a good one and or goal is always to ensure our clients are satisfied with the service we provide.

You can read what our clients have said about ASBIR on the Testimonials Page of our website.

Other Inspection Services we offer for New Homes in Brisbane

The inspections we conduct beside Handovers include; Contract Inclusion Checks, Six (6) Month Maintenance or End of Warranty Inspections, Property Maintenance Inspections, Annual Termite Inspections, and Building Defect Reports or Expert Witness Reports for building disputes.  See below for more information about these inspections;

  • Contract Inclusions Checks– At the time of the Pre-Handover Inspection ASBIR can also carry out a check of the contract specifications and inclusions list to determine if all items e.g. appliances, fixtures & fittings etc. are correct according to the contract. This would be particularly important if you live interstate or overseas and are not able to view the property yourself.  You will appreciate knowing that the inclusions you have signed for in the contract is what has actually been installed. Differences between the contract inclusions and what is actually provided will also be noted in the Report, so that any discrepancies or omissions can be addressed prior to the final progress payment being paid.
  • Re-inspections or Final Handover Inspections– After the Pre-Handover Inspection (PCI) we can carry out a re-inspection or 2nd inspection if required, to check that the defects noted on the Handover Report (PCI) have been rectified.
  • Six (6) Month Maintenance or End of Warranty Inspections– Prior to the expiry of the statutory Defects Liability Period we will conduct a Maintenance Inspection and provide you with a written Report noting any defects and omissions which have become apparent during the Defects Liability Period, or may not have been rectified at Handover or settlement.  Things like cracking to plaster cornices or doors that do not close properly are just a few things that are quite common. You are entitled to have any issues which are considered the builders responsibility rectified within specific time frames and in accordance with builders warranties.
  • Building Defect Reports or Expert Witness Reports– If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of a building dispute in regard to any building defects or contractual issues you or your Solicitor may request us to conduct an inspection of any items in dispute, in accordance with relevant Australian Building Codes and Standards, and provide a written Report which you can provide to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC), formally QBSA, or the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT), or other relevant authority, and if required we can attend an adjudication or court hearing as an Expert Witness.
  • Annual Termite Inspections– During construction a termite barrier should be installed in all new buildings. You should receive detailed information from your builder at Handover regarding the termite protection or treatment used. A yearly inspection of the property should be done to protect your property from termite infestation and timber pest damage.  ASBIR conduct Termite Inspections or Timber Pest Inspections annually to the complete exterior and interior of your property, in accordance with Australian Standards AS4349.3. We will provide you with written Report and recommendations for protecting your property.  You should have a Termite Inspection done annually otherwise the Six (6) Structural Warranty may be affected.

ASBIR is there looking after Your Interests

When building a new home or investment property in any Brisbane suburb it is important to have an independent building consultant, someone who is a highly experienced at handovers to inspect the property for you.

All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports are there to support you during the whole building process by providing Quality Assurance Inspections and professional advice. Our highly experienced and fully licensed building consultant will assess that building work and materials used are of a highest possible industry standard and in accordance with Australian Standards.

We work in well with buyers, sellers, agents, property marketers, property managers and builders alike, always with the interests of our clients as our first priority. Our goal is to achieve an end product for you, which is one of exceptional quality and finish!

Licensed Builders and Building Consultants

We are fully licensed and completely independent building consultants with over 40 years combined industry experience.  Your Brisbane Handover Inspection will be carried out by a fully qualified building inspector who is also a QBCC licensed builder.  Our extensive knowledge, experience and qualifications ensures expertise and professionalism in the every building inspection service we provide.

You can have peace of mind knowing that a building expert is carrying out your handover inspection on your behalf and looking after your interests!

Our Handover Inspection Reports

At All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports we go to great lengths to ensure that every handover inspection is carried out in a thorough, accurate and professional manner in accordance with Australian Building Codes and Standards and that our clients receive a most professional and superior report.

Using the latest specialized 3D Report System technology, sound expertise, and with the use of thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters where necessary, we accurately report on any defects and incomplete work, noting in an easy to read format under the respective trades responsible for rectification, exactly what needs to be done. Your report may also contain photos, as necessary to identify any significant defects.

The report is also sent to the builder, and if necessary we can liaise with the builder on your behalf in relation to rectification of any defects. If you require, we can conduct a re-inspection or follow-up inspection to ensure all noted defects have been rectified and everything is in good order, before you pay the final payment to the builder.

Your Handover Inspector

You want someone who is thorough in searching for defects in all accessible areas of the property, including the site, fencing and landscaping, the complete exterior and external roof system including the gutters and downpipes.  The report will include a summary of the defects as well as making recommendations for rectification of the defective workmanship.

You want an inspector carrying out your handover inspection who inspects the complete property including the external roof system and gutters, the complete internal area including the roof cavity, the presence of services and installations such as air-conditioning, fans, lights, appliances etc.

You will also want your inspector to look at the fixtures and fittings such as; kitchen cupboards, sinks, vanity units, laundry cabinetry, taps, baths, showers, tapware, toilets and tiling etc.

Our handover inspection methods are superior because we inspect a lot of extra things other handover companies don’t, e.g. the external roof system, the site including fences, retaining walls, landscaping and site drainage.

When we inspect the interior of the property we also include the ceiling cavity. And we also check the floor tiles with a special tool to look for any cracked or drummy tiles

Other Brisbane New Home Building Inspections by ASBIR  

We also offer various building inspection services for new homes during construction including; Building Stage Inspections e.g. Base or Slab Stage Inspections, Frame Stage Inspections, Enclosed or Lock-up Stage Inspections and Fixing Stage or Pre-paint Inspections.

At Practical Completion we conduct Pre-Handover Inspections or PCI, Final Handover Inspections and pre-settlement building and pest inspections.

The post-construction inspections we offer include; Contract Inclusion Checks, Six (6) Month Maintenance or End of Builders Warranty Inspections, Annual Property Maintenance Inspections, Annual Termite Inspections, and Building Defects Reports or Expert Witness Reports in the case of building disputes.

Finding the Best Inspector to Conduct Your Brisbane Handover

When looking for a building inspector to conduct your Brisbane handover inspection in Brisbane you need to look at the type of services they provide.  You need a reputable and professional building inspection company who genuinely wants to help you with this most important step in the home building process, your handover.

What our Customers have said about ASBIR

When booking your Brisbane Handover Inspection or Practical Completion Report  it is important that you feel confident about your choice of inspector. What better recommendation can you have than from other people who have used All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports “ASBIR” Building Inspection Services?

Here are a few of our many Client Testimonials

“We have been very impressed with how thorough your team has been. Even the most minute fault has been picked up and rectified. Although we live interstate and cannot actually view the faults and what you allocated to be fixed, the timely fashion in which you have let us know all outcomes has been greatly appreciated. We can only trust that all items have been completed to a high standard. We would not hesitate to recommend your company. Thank you!”  Mark and Caroline J.  

“It was greatly comforting to us to have All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports inspecting our duplex once it was near completion. They picked up quite a few problems that require actioning. They came again to make sure everything they had listed was dealt with. We will definitely use them again!” Linda D.

“Thank you very much! Overall we have been extremely happy with All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports’ service. If we ever purchase another property in QLD we will use your company again.” Sandra F. 

Read more reviews on our Customer Testimonials page

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