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What is included in a framing inspection?

A true quality inspection of the frame should occur once the roof is on, the temporary bracing is off, the frame has been straightened and before the internal wall linings are fixed. In other words just before the plasterer begins work on the interior.

The following should be checked at a frame inspection

  • All wall framing for straight and plumb
  • All walls square
  • Roof frame tie-down and bracing
  • Wall frame spacing
  • Blocking and noggin in walls and ceilings
  • Frame correctly placed on slab
  • Plumbing and drainage penetrations
  • Tie-down to steel columns, beams etc
  • Window openings
  • Door openings
  • Timber sizes
  • Termite barrier
  • Retaining walls

For a complete frame inspection, the inspector will require a full set of the approved plans, that include the engineer’s bracing design.

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