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What stages does a building inspector check?

The stages checked by a building inspector during a home build, usually match up with the progress payment claims issued by the builder.

These are

  • Base / Slab Stage: 

Inspection of footings and slab area prior to pouring of concrete.

  • Frame Stage

Inspection of completed frame and roof frame structure before interior wall linings are installed.

  • Enclosed / Lock-up Stage

Inspection of roof cladding, external walls, doors and windows, and waterproofing before tiling of wet areas.

  • Pre-Paint / Fixing Stage:  

Inspection after installation of internal fixtures and fittings, interior and finishing of carpentry prior to painting.

  • Practical Completion / Pre-Handover Stage:  

Inspection of the completed home for defects, incomplete and sub-standard work prior to Handover.

Quality control checks at various stages during construction will ensure the quality of workmanship and enables defects to be identified at a time when they can be rectified easily and so can help avoid problems and building disputes down the track.

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