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Home Maintenance Series Part 2: It’s All about Prevention

Read part 1 of our maintenance series and ready for more? There’s always something that can be
done to maintain and care for the home and what better time to tick some of these off than while
we’re spending time indoors?

Below, we’ll cover some more quick maintenance tasks you can complete yourself in order to
prevent hazards, repairs or larger jobs in the future.

Think about the outdoors

In part 1, we discussed clearing the gutters. However, now that we’re heading into cooler weather,
there are other things to consider depending on your yard. If you have a sprinkler system, you may
want to adjust the settings to account for the amount of rainfall you’re getting. Have a pool? Unless
you’re taking frequent dips in the chilly waters, it might be time to give it a good clean and cover it
up. With leaves falling and windy conditions blowing about debris, you might also want to do a
general clean up.

Lessen the chill…

Speaking of windy conditions, we’re quickly approaching heater weather. To save costs on energy
bills and prevent those late night sniffles, it’s a good idea to take a look at your windows to see if
there are any draughts coming in. If there are, you may want to caulk them. For doors, it might be
worth investing in a door snake or draught stopper. There are plenty to choose from, so it’s easy to
find one that will match the style and colour scheme of your home.

Or boost it

From keeping the chill out to keeping it in, we also recommend checking the seal on your fridge and
freezer. With most of us meal prepping or keeping a little bit more than usual in our fridges and
freezers, it’s important to ensure you’re keeping everything as cool as possible. If a seal is reasonably
damaged, you’ll be able to see this for yourself when you open the door.

If you can’t tell, pop a piece of paper in the door as you close it. If you can easily slide it out once the
door is fully closed, that may indicate the seal isn’t at its best.

Tend to the laundry

We’re not talking about that pile of washing sitting there for the last week. We’re talking about the
machines themselves. Did you know that many fires in the home are caused by dryers? As the colder
weather and rain means you’ll be using dryers more often, it’s important you maintain your machine
regularly. Clean the lint filter after every load. Turn the machine off at the wall when not in use. You
should also allow the machine to complete a full cycle so that it has the opportunity to cool down

For your washing machine, take a look at the hoses to ensure there aren’t any ill-fitting connections
or leaks. Plastic hoses do eventually need replacing, so be sure to check them every so often.

Until next time…

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