House Inspections are Important when Buying a Property in Brisbane

It’s no secret—buying a new home or investment property is both an exciting and a stressful adventure. Through this sometimes overwhelming process, home buyers often don’t think about the building and pest inspections that they will need to have performed to insure their purchase.

Some buyers may even assume that it is the job of the real estate agent or current homeowner to have their home or property inspected. However, new home buyers and property investors alike will in most cases be responsible to have their own house inspections and property inspections, as well as timber pest inspections done before they buy their new home.

A Building Inspection Report can Also be a Negotiating Tool for a Purchaser

Often it is a requirement by the lending authority to have a building and pest inspection done on a new home to determine if it is in good condition and therefore a good investment.  Whether it is a requirement from the lending authority or not it is still very important that a pre-purchase building and pest inspection be conducted.

This allows the purchaser to know what defects or other problems may exist in the house or on the property, and therefore provides an opportunity for negotiation with the seller or agent in regard to getting things fixed, or to amend the purchase price of the property accordingly so that the purchaser may rectify things themselves, either way it is a good thing to know what problems there are in the property and what kind of money you are looking at to get things fixed.

A house inspection such as a combined building and pest inspection or handover inspection can protect the prospective homeowner from making a bad investment, not only in the present, but in the long run, as it can provide peace of mind knowing you have a professional building consultant who is a building inspection expert give the property the once over, and this can also protect a buyer’s investment well after the sale.

What Kinds of Things a House Inspection Can Tell You

A house inspection such as a building and pest inspection in the case of an existing home, or a handover inspection in the case of a newly built home, can reveal many things to new home buyers.  For instance, an inspector can help you by identifying any locations where there is moisture damage or wood rot decay, or problem areas where mould or mildew may be likely to form.

Your professional building inspection expert can determine the condition of all accessible areas of the property including the external roof system and the internal roof cavity, and let you know of any obvious as well as hidden and problems and what the extent of repairs are likely to be.

Health and Safety Concerns in a New Home Need to be Dectected

Inspections can also alert you to other health and safety concerns such as whether the interior or exterior of the home will need to be repainted due to the deterioration of painted surfaces, or the likelihood of asbestos in the home. A complete house inspection such as a combined building and pest inspection or maintenance inspection can also tell you about issues with that don’t comply with current Australian Building Codes and Standards.

A comprehensive inspection of your house or investment property will determine what may need to be remedied prior to purchasing the house and moving in. Home inspections can also help buyers determine what areas of the home will need to be upgraded, or what maintenance may be required, either immediately or in the future.

Why it’s Important to Have a Qualified Building Expert Do Your Inspection

All of these problem areas, as well as many others, may easily be overlooked by an untrained eye. You can rest assured knowing that when you have a home inspected by a professional such as All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports “ASBIR”, that all of these unforseen problems will be revealed, leaving you with peace of mind during the buying process.

Because we are highly experienced and fully licensed Building Consultants in Queensand we know what to look for when inspecting a house.  You want professional advice when making such a huge decision to purchase or build a new home.

That’s why when buying or building a new house or investment property you should not trust something as important as a house inspection to just anyone!

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