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How You Can Use Home Inspections to Your Advantage

When it comes to owning property, you may have wondered whether investing in a
professional inspection is worth it. Well, the truth is that a building or pest inspection report
is one of the most valuable weapons you can have as a buyer, vendor or current home
owner. Not only does it ensure your property is safe and in great condition, but there are
many different ways that having this information can benefit you in the long-run.

Here’s what you should know about using building inspection reports to your advantage.

Negotiate a better buying price

We’ve all heard the cautionary tales about people who buy a home without organising the
appropriate inspections. However, skipping this crucial step isn’t just a gamble on your
safety – it also puts you at risk of making a bad investment.

When you organise a professional pre-purchase inspection, your report will provide you
with important information you need to know about the condition of the
property. Any urgent or foreseeable issues will be brought to your attention, and this allows
you to negotiate these factors into your buying price. At the end of the day, investing some
money into this report can potentially save you from overpaying for a property that will only
cost you more money to fix in the future.

Prevent any settlement delays

On the flip side, if you are planning on putting your property on the market, a vendor
inspection should be at the top of your to-do list. Just as you would fix any major cosmetic
issues that could impact a sale, it’s important to be aware of any problems you might not be
able to see.

Vendor inspections will reveal any major or minor issues that would typically be uncovered
in the pre-purchase inspection a buyer would conduct. By making sure you are aware of any
problems, you can either rectify the issue yourself or factor it into the sale. In doing so, you
will prevent any unnecessary delays in settlement.

Address any problems before they get out of hand

Inspections aren’t just handy for buyers and vendors – they can also be extremely valuable
to people who want to maintain the safety and quality of their existing home. The truth is
that by the time you notice problems developing in your property, the damage beneath the
surface is often quite extensive.

This is why organising maintenance building and pest inspections can be a great way to fix
any potential issues before they get out of control. A professional report will not only tell
you what’s wrong, but they can recommend solutions to stop it from getting worse. In the
long run, these reports might just save you a lot of stress and money by making sure minor
issues don’t become major ones.

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