high-rise-buildingOver 40 Defects found in 2 bedroom Residential High-Rise Unit at Maroochydore during Handover Inspection!

If you are purchasing a residential high-rise unit on the Sunshine Coast you shouldn’t think that a Handover Inspection isn’t necessary! We recently inspected a 2 bedroom unit and our inspector found approximately 40 defects, which is a LOT for a small unit!  Independent Handover inspections are imperative to ensure that the quality of your new home or investment property is of the highest possible quality and finish, in accordance with Australian Standards.

Building defects not found at Handover could cost you a lot of money to fix later if discovered when you are no longer covered by the builders warranty, so the time to pick up these defects is at Practical Completion, when you still have the opportunity of having the builder rectify any building defects, or to address any contractural anomalies, or items in dispute, prior to settlement. See below for the type of the defects found…

Several of the 40 items found were cosmetic in nature, such as paint and plaster defects, however it is still very important to include these to ensure your own new home or a residential high-rise unit is of the highest quality and finish. By addressing any issues and documenting any defects prior to final handover can also help avoid disputes and litigation down the track.

Here are some of the Defects Found Listed Under the Various Trades…


Clean paint from sliding door frame outside

Clean render from bottom of fascia at back



Repair or replace damaged shelves in main walk-in rode due to chips

Repair chips to side panel of shelves in main walk-in robe

Clean glue from basin in bathroom

Install dryer to laundry.

Remove paint from front door hinges
Touch up scratches next to front door striker plate
Remove paint runs on front door jamb
Touch up scratches on front door jamb
Touch up crack in paint top left of front door jamb
Touch up skirting in entry
Touch up architraves around entry to bathroom
Remove paint from hinges to bathroom door
Repair dent in bathroom wall above skirt tile
Repair dent in wall above skirting board in hallway

Re-gap skirting in main area next to bedroom 2 Touch up wall in main area next to bedroom 2
Repair dent in door jamb leading into bedroom 2
Touch up wall in bedroom 2 where power points are located
Sand patch and repaint wall in back of Walk-in robe bedroom 2
Touch up door to main bedroom
Touch up door jamb to main bedroom
Remove paint from hinges to main bedroom door
Re-gap and repaint window sill in main bedroom
Clean paint from window frame in main bedroom and touch up opening into Walk-in robe main bedroom
Touch up door jamb and architrave leading in to ensuite
Touch up paint line above skirting tile next to ensuite shower
All items above are indicated with stickers and red dots.

Silicone Applicator:
Repair silicone on bench top under power points

Finish grout to shower floor ensuite
Clean grout in ensuite shower on wall near shower head
Replace tile next to shower head as there is a blemish in the tile
Replace chipped floor tile in main living area.

From just a few hundred dollars you can have All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports “ASBIR” conduct your Handover Inspection or PCI on your new home or unit on the Sunshine Coast at Practical Completion and before settlement, so you can have peace of mind knowing your new property is of the highest quality and finish and that you got what you paid for!

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