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March 14, 2019   •   asbir   •

Defect Liability Warranty Inspections

All new homes generally come with a statutory warranty period or Defect Liability Period, which depending on the type of property and contract can be either 6 or sometime 12 months from Practical Completion or Handover. Things like cracking of plaster cornice, or doors that do not close properly are just a few things that are quite common. You are entitled to have any defects that are considered the builders responsibility rectified. It is advisable to check your contract and with your builder to verify this and find out the expiry date so that you do not miss out on being able to provide a list of any defects to be rectified to your builder on time. Specific time frames for reporting defects apply and these are outlined by The Queensland Building and Construction Commission QBCC in their Rectification of Building Work Policy.