Are you buying an investment property off the plan or through a property marketer? Ensure you book an independent pre-handover building inspection for peace of mind.

All Suburbs Building Inspection Reports (ASBIR) recently conducted an independent building inspection on a newly built investment property in Mango Hill which revealed unsatisfactory paintwork and poor workmanship.

In fact, there were too many internal painting defects to individually dot out across both levels of the two-storey residence indicating extensive issues.

In ASBIR’s report, defective surfaces are noted to the walls, skirtings, window architraves, door architraves, doors and ceilings. Sanding and repainting is required to defective surfaces.

Our inspector also identified the ‘orange peel effect’ throughout the property.

According to ASBIR Senior Inspector, Fred Broekman, “the orange peel effect is caused by incorrect spray gun setup and can occur when the air pressure is too low, the incorrect nozzle has been used, the paint is sprayed at an angle other than perpendicularly, or excessive paint has been applied.”

Fred also suggested it was common for inexperienced investors or new home buyers to overlook the need for an independent building inspection.

“Many builders offer their own quality inspection, while a property marketer may have a long-standing relationship with the builder and vouch for them so don’t fee it necessary to independently assess the work completed.

“But as this report shows, even a reputable builder may be let down by his sub-contractors and if our inspector had not done the inspection, then the quality of the paintwork may slide under the radar causing concerns down the track.

“An independent building inspection is the only way to give you peace of mind,” he said.

All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports (ASBIR) is the leading provider of building inspections. We have conducted thousands of residential and commercial building inspections in South East Queensland. We are fully licensed (QBCC Lic.No. 20650) and a Member of Master Builders Queensland. 

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ASBIR Client Testimonial: 

 Just like to say that your inspector, Fred, who did the inspection lives up to what you said “he leaves no stones unturned!” This company is 100% better than my last experience with a Handover mob.  Must say thank you for taking your services seriously.  This, therefore lets me know I have used a great company!

R. C. (Burpengary – Handover)

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