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Stunning views, easy access to the city and a family friendly atmosphere are just some of the reasons why many buyers are choosing Mt Gravatt for their next home or business. However, while the leafy streets and stunning curb appeal will draw you in, it’s important to make an objective decision when it comes to one of the biggest monetary investments you’ll ever make.

If you want to be sure you’re buying a quality property, book a building inspection from us here at ASBIR.

What can I expect from a property inspection?

It’s important that you love elements of a home or business, such as the location, size of the space and the layout. However, many buyers simply don’t have the inside knowledge to truly get an idea of the structural integrity of a build. The real estate agent can only provide so much and is inclined to make a sale. Getting an objective opinion can help ensure you are purchasing quality.

As our team isn’t associated with any real estate agents or builders, you’ll receive a completely unbiased view on your property and the state of the construction. With over 40 years of experience behind us, we’ll use our expertise to give each building a thorough assessment before giving you an easy to understand report.

What we check will depend on the type of inspection you need.


Get a clear before and after with a dilapidation report

A dilapidation inspection, also known as a pre-construction inspection, is ideal for property owners or construction companies to protect themselves. Before any construction work commences, our team will thoroughly inspect a property to determine the current state and condition of the building. Each inspection will come with a detailed dilapidation report with photos to serve as a reliable ‘before’ shot to later compare with after the construction job is finished. If the construction works result in any damage, this report can help plead your case.


We’ll help you before the final handover of new homes

While you might think a new construction means a building is in its best shape that may not be necessarily true. Unfortunately, poor quality materials, shortcuts, missed steps and weather can impact the final state of your property, so it’s important to check it’s all in order before making that final payment. A handover inspection is your last line of defence before it’s official and you receive the keys. During the assessment, the quality of construction and materials is identified and a report is written so you can raise any concerns with the builders before you move in.


When was your last pest inspection?

Did you know pest inspections are recommended yearly to check for termites? Termites can wreak havoc on your building resulting in costly repairs. To protect your investment and remain proactive in defending your space, a building pest inspection should be booked regularly. For those looking to buy, a pre purchase building and pest inspection can be conducted before an auction or private offer to help you proceed with confidence.

If you would like to book a property inspection in Mt Gravatt or would like to get a quote, please get in touch. with our team on 1300 553 007. We’ll discuss our different options with you before providing a free quote.

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