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When it comes to organising property inspections, finding the right person – or team – for the job is essential. Here at ASBIR, we are proud to be the chosen experts when it comes to handover inspections, dilapidation reports, pest inspections and more for both residential and commercial properties throughout Brisbane.

With a team of highly experienced professionals behind us, we endeavour to provide truly comprehensive reports that give you a complete picture of the property you’re building or buying. From start to finish, our team are here to provide their expert services and ensure your experience is second to none.

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Building inspections to suit every situation

There are a variety of situations in which organising a property inspection can provide you with peace of mind. Here at ASBIR, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of inspections – each one carried out by our experienced team of experts.

Handover inspections (PCI)
Before handover is finalised for your newly built home, get our independent experts in for a handover inspection to ensure that everything is as it should be.

Dilapidation inspections
Did you know that nearby construction can affect the condition of your property? Dilapidation reports assess the state of your home or commercial building to ensure that you have an accurate record of dilapidation.

Commercial building inspections
Before you finalise the sale on a new commercial building, make sure that there are no existing issues that could cost you time, money and stress down the road.

Building stage inspections
Enjoy peace of mind throughout the building process by having one of our independent and experienced building inspectors conduct at the end of each stage.

Maintenance inspections
Keep on top of any issues that might be affecting your home or commercial property with maintenance inspections. This can include regular dilapidation reports and building pest inspections.

Building and Pest inspections
Before you sign the papers for a new property, make sure there aren’t any pests lurking behind the scenes.

The benefit of investing in a property inspection for your next purchase

For most people, buying property is one of the biggest and most important purchases there is. With this in mind, it only makes sense that you should feel completely confident that what you’re buying is in great condition.

The truth is that a new home or commercial building can look perfect on the outside while still hiding many different issues that no owner wants to deal with on the inside. Pest infestations, structural issues, poor craftsmanship – all these problems and many more can be identified and dealt with before a purchase or during a build by simply investing in an inspection.

By choosing to organise a building inspection, you can make an informed decision on whether a property is right for you, correct problems along the way and even negotiate a better price based on the report we give you.

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