New Home Inspections Play a Vital Role in Real Estate Buying In Brisbane

When buying or building a new home in any suburb of Brisbane one important thing buyers should consider requesting is a building & pest inspection for an existing home, or building stage inspections throughout construction. An independent handover inspection for a new home, particularly at practical completion stage when building a new home or investment property is imperative.

New home inspections can reveal many problems and issues that may otherwise be overlooked by real estate investors or those with an untrained eye. Home inspectors can provide a detailed list of building defects and potential health and safety hazards, code violations, necessary upgrades and maintenance, and other important factors buyers would likely want to know about before purchasing a new home and before paying the final payment when building a new home.

Why New Home Inspections are Important When Buying or Building 

Overlooking these problem areas and defects can cause new home owners a lot of hassle, time investment, and financial strain if they are not detected and handled correctly early on in the process.

For instance, imagine you have purchased a new home without requesting a new home inspection and 5 years after moving in, you realise that the roof on your home has started to leak. This leak can cause major water damage to the inside of your home as well as to the construction of your home. Repairing this type of damage can be rather costly.

Having a new home inspection prior to purchasing any new home can detect these issues or potential problems early enough to resolve them quickly and more affordably, allowing you to enjoy your new home for many years.

Find a New Home Inspector that can provide Professional Building Inspections and Reports

When buying a new home, if you would like to request a new home inspection on any of the houses you are interested in purchasing, your real estate agent or mortgage lender will likely be able to help you find a reputable inspection company.  Additionally, you can also find many reputable companies, such as All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports, on your own.

ASBIR are licensed home inspectors or building consultants who offer all types of new home inspections such as; stage inspections, handovers, building and pest, pool safety, maintenance inspection, and are building inspectors who are professionally trained and fully qualified and licensed to provide you with thorough, detailed inspections and reports that will give you peace of mind during the home buying process and during construction of the new home building process.

New Home Inspections by ASBIR Give You Peace of Mind!

If you are looking to buy or build a new home or investment property in Brisbane ASBIR are here to support you by providing professional advice and quality reports which will help you make make an informed choice and give you Peace of Mind!

All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports Service Area is Extensive!  

Centrally based in the Caboolture / Morayfield area we service a large part of South-East Queensland, including the Woodford and Kilcoy areas and all suburbs of Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, within a radius of 120km from our office, as far North as Gympie, and South as far as Burleigh on the Gold Coast, and to Ipswich in the West, including the surrounding country towns of Rosewood, Fernvale and Lowood.

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