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New Home Warranty Inspection

Does My New Home Come With A Warranty..?

Cast your mind back to the last major purchase you made.  Was it a car?  Was it a TV?  Or maybe that old dryer you were given as a wedding present 10 years ago has finally given up and almost started a fire in your laundry…or was that me?

In any case, when we make a purchase of a big ticket item, we normally consider the warranty associated with that purchase, and what it covers us for should something go wrong down the track.

Did you know that newly built homes also come with a warranty?  In fact, they come with 2 different types.  Structural & Non-Structural.

What Warranty Does My Home Come With..?

All new homes generally come with a statutory warranty period or Defect Liability Period which, depending on the type of property and contract, can be either 6 or 12 months from Practical Completion or Handover.

We suggest you check your building  contract to verify this and find out the expiry date so that you do not miss out on being able to exercise that warranty as needed.

The End of Warranty Inspection focuses on incomplete defects or omissions identified during the original handover inspection (if available) and also documents any additional defects that have arisen since the completion of your house.

Defective building works fall into 2 categories – structural or non-structural defects

Structural & Non-Structural Warranty

Things like cracking of plasterboard such as cornices and skirtings or sticking doors or windows are just a couple things that are common non-structural defects, and are often the responsibility of the builder to rectify if documented prior to the end of the Defect Liability Period.

Structural defects are defects that affect the structural performance or the functional use of the building such as leaking roof, leaking shower or cracked brickwork. These defects are covered for 6 years and 6 months from Practical Completion or Handover.

How Do I Determine What Is Covered Under Warranty..?

We recommend you engage a highly experienced and qualified ASBIR building expert, who is not only a licensed building inspector but also a licensed builder, to carryout the inspection so you can be sure all relevant defects, that are the builder’s responsibility, are identified and documented in a report you can send to your builder for rectification.

Sometimes real estate agents or property managers might offer to do the inspection for you and although they might know a lot about real estate they are most often not licensed builders or building consultants, so are not generally qualified or insured to carry out such building inspections services.

We are here to support you throughout the whole process by providing quality inspections and professional advice which will help give you peace of mind.

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