All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports cater for all your building inspection requirements.  Whether you are buying, selling, building or leasing your property we provide highest quality inspections and reports and the professional advice you need to help you make an informed decision and give you peace of mind.

Types of Residential & Commercial Building Inspections we conduct:-

  • BUILDING STAGE INSPECTIONS at all major building stages during construction of your new home or investment property i.e. Slab Stage, Frame Stage, Enclosed Stage, Pre-paint Stage, and Practical Completion Stage are essential for quality assurance.  The early detection and correction of problems or miscommunication can help avoid stress along the way and disputes between the builder and owner later on. If you are building a new home or an investment property Building Stage Inspections during construction are the best way of ensuring everything is built in accordance with Australian Building Codes and Standards, and that you are getting what you paid for.
  • HANDOVER INSPECTIONS (PCI) at Practical Completion are the best way to ensure any defects and incomplete work are noted before handover or settlement.  Building defects are often not visible to the untrained eye and our highly experienced inspector can ensure your new home or investment property and is of the highest possible quality and fully complies with Australian Building Codes and Standards. The complete Handover Inspection Report is sent to you via email, and the builder receives the list of defects that require rectifiection. With such a big investment it’s important to have an independent expert helping to protect your interests! Here’s a list of some of the things we inspect at a Handover Inspection or PCI.
  • RE-INSPECTIONS or 2nd Inspections are provided if required at any building stage, to check that any defects noted on the Report of a previous building inspection have been satisfactorily rectified.  This enables you to know if there is anything outstanding prior to the relevant progress payment being paid.
  • CONTRACT INCLUSIONS CHECKS are a valuable service ASBIR provide, which was specifically designed with interstate and overseas property investors in mind, or those property owners who aren’t able able to view the property themselves to check their inclusions.  You will appreciate knowing if the inclusions you have signed for in the contract are what have actually been installed by the builder. This is checked at at time of the Practical Completion Inspection (PCI).  We will check the contract specifications and inclusions and note any discrepancies in the report.  This gives you an opportunity to address any anomalies with the builder and have an opportunity to have them rectified before you pay your final payment.
  • SIX (6) MONTH MAINTENANCE INSPECTIONS prior to the expiry of the Defect Liability Period identify any defects that have become apparent since Handover, such as cracked cornices or sticking doors, or anything that was noted at the PCI that wasn’t rectified by the builder. You will receive a written Report which you can provide to the Builder. You are entitled to have any defects fixed that are considered the builder’s responsibility under the warranty. You must provide a list of any defects to the builder within a specified time frame in order for them to be covered under the Defect Liability Period.
  • END OF WARRANTY INSPECTIONS to check for any defects such as cracks prior to the end of the 6 year structural warranty period, which is generally 6 years for new homes.  This will enable you to submit a report noting any structural issues that are considered the builders responsibility to rectify under the warranty.
  • PROPERTY MAINTENANCE INSPECTIONS will help to protect your investment.  Regular Maintenance Inspections of your home or investment property can identify defects or other problems to help ensure that your property will not deteriorate but can continue to appreciate in value.  A Report done when tenants move in or out of a rental property can identify any defects or maintenance issues that may not have been apparent during routine inspections by the rental agent. Potential problems that are detected early and rectified will save you nasty surprises and long-term costly repairs.
  • BUILDING & PEST INSPECTIONS (pre-purchase) are important for anyone buying or selling a property.  Our building and pest inspections are conducted by a highly experienced and fully licensed inspector who will carry out your pre-purchase Building and Pest Inspection in accordance with Australian Standards AS4349.1. and AS4349.3.  We use thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters to detect termites and other problems in buildings.  A pre-purchase Building and Pest Inspection is essential to help you make an informed choice regarding your purchase or sale. A Building and Pest inspection is also essential if you are looking to bid at an auction, to give you the heads up about any possible problems with a property before the hammer falls.
  • POOL SAFETY INSPECTIONS (regulated) are required under the Queensland Government Pool Safety legislation which were introduced on 1st of December 2010. If you are selling your property you will need a Pool Safety Certificate Form 23 prior to settlement.  If you are leasing your property you will require Pool Safety Inspection and to obtain a Pool Safety Certificate Form 23 before your tenants move into the property. If you are buying with a Form 36 or Notice of No Pool Safety Certificate, you are responsible to make the pool comply within 3 months of settlement.
  • POOL SAFETY INSPECTIONS (advisory only) of the pool fence prior to purchase are an important if you are buying a property with a pool, to find out whether the pool complies. ASBIR can inspect the pool fence at the time of your Building & Pest Inspection to advise on any issues with the pool fence and tell you what needs to be done to make the pool comply. This way also have the opportunity to find out what rectification is necessary and how much it’s going to cost you, before you make a decision to purchase. Even if there is a Form 23 in place, you may want to have the inspector check the pool fence to ensure everything indeed complies, just for your peace of mind. This will help you to know of any problems, or negotiate any repairs with the vendor.
  •  ANNUAL TERMITE INSPECTIONS are essential as early detection is will help protect your property from termite infestation and termite damage.  An annual Termite Inspection is recommended for every home in Queensland, where 1 in 4 homes are attacked by termites every year with the average cost of repairs being over $7000. With ASBIR there’s no conflict of interest because we don’t sell termite barriers or pest treatments. What we do is provide information and professional advice to help you make an informed decision.  You don’t want to be up for any nasty surprises or unexpected costs later on. We use thermal imaging cameras, moisture meters
  • TERMITE BARRIER INSPECTIONS annually will ensure your termite barrier is working as intended. Early detection of any possible termite infestation or termite damage to your property is essential. Your property should be inspected for termites at regular intervals of no longer than 12 months.  With ASBIR there’s no conflict of interest as we don’t sell termite barriers or treatments. Termite barriers are installed in all new buildings at construction and these must be monitored and maintained annually or the Structural Warranty may be affected. Some termite barriers need to be inspected by the company who installed them in order to not void the warranty, so we recommend you check with them first.
  • COMMERCIAL BUILDING INSPECTIONS are provided for anyone purchasing a commercial building.  This could be anything from a small retail shop to a large factory. A commercial building inspection identifies significant issues relating to the condition of the property including structural problems, cracking, leaks or dampness, and any maintenance issues that are required to all accessible areas of the building in order to give you a clear picture of the property. The Commercial Building Inspection will expose any problems thus allowing you to make an informed decision prior to purchase or settlement.
  • DILAPIDATION REPORTS are a carefully documented and prepared report which contains photographic evidence of both the pre-existing and if required the post construction condition of the site and any surrounding property. A Dilapidation Report is useful for any party wishing to protect their interests. The types of buildings and structures for which dilapidation inspections and reports may be conducted include; houses, units, townhouses, sheds, garages, and commercial buildings, such as factories, warehouses, retail shops, factories etc.
  • BUILDING DEFECTS or EXPERT WITNESS REPORTS are required if there is a building dispute or you are in the unfortunate position of having to pursue a matter legally. We can provide you with a detailed independent report which documents any defects and which includes photos and any supporting evidence.  If you are filing a formal complaint with the Queensland Building Construction Commission (QBCC) or to submit to Queensland Civil Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) for adjudication you will be required to submit an independent report that you must provide along with your complaint form. The inspector can also attend court if required to testify of his findings and to make recommendations based on his professional knowledge.

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