Why Brisbane Residents and Property Investors Should Have Annual Pest and Building Inspections On Their Residential or Commercial Property.

Many Brisbane homeowners and business owners may not realise the importance of conducting an annual pest and building inspection. However, even after purchasing a new home or building, it is imperative to continue the upkeep the maintenance of the building, as well as to inspect for potential timber pest problems that can threaten the building’s structure and support.

Over the course of a year, a building structure withstands a lot of environmental abuse. Particularly here in Queensland where we experience regular harsh weather conditions such as fierce electrical storms with strong winds, lightning and heavy rain, hail, and extremes in temperature, from very hot to freezing cold, – not to mention potential pest problems such as termites, borers, and the very common problem wood decay due to moisture damage – these can all affect a buildings structural integrity and longevity. A termite inspection if essential annually to protect your home!

Requesting a building inspector to conduct a pest and building inspection on your Brisbane home, investment property or commercial building can help you ward off potential problems, and unwanted expenses by identifying and fixing current problems before they get worse.

What an Annual Building Inspection Can Reveal

An annual building inspection can help home and business owners determine how well a building has withstood the weather elements from year to year. It can also give owners an idea of what potential problems may arise within the next few years and how to remedy them before they become a dangerous, and often costly, problem.

What an Annual Pest Inspection Can Reveal

An annual pest inspection differs from a building inspection in that a building inspection does not typically check for the likelihood of pest problems such as termites. Pest inspections can tell home and business owners what timber pest problems they are most likely to experience in their building based on the type of materials used during the building process, as well as other factors. These inspections can also determine whether you currently have a pest problem and how to eliminate the problem before it gets worse.

That is why pest and building inspections are an important routine maintenance process, and should be conducted on an annual basis to ensure the safety and longevity of a residential house or a commercial building.

All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports conduct pre-purchase and pre-sale building and pest inspections for purchasers and sellers, as well as annual pest and building inspections for homeowners and business owners to detect any maintenance issues which need to be addressed so they don’t become worse.

Our Annual Pest and Building Inspection and Report Prices are Very Competitive!

Our prices for annual Pest and Building inspections in Brisbane are great value for money!  All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports provide a thorough inspection and comprehensive report which covers all accessible areas of the property, including the site, exterior, external roof system, interior, internal roof cavity, and relevant features.  You receive the report by email, in most cases by the following business day.

The report contains a Summary of findings, recommendations for rectification and relevant photos.  You are most welcome to attend the inspection if you wish and walk around the property with the inspector so he can explain any of his findings and help you understand what rectification may be required.  You can also contact the inspector after the inspection to discuss the inspection report if you have any questions or require clarification of anything contained in the report.

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Centrally based in the Caboolture / Morayfield area we service a large part of South-East Queensland, including the Woodford and Kilcoy areas and all suburbs of Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, within a radius of 120km from our office, as far North as Gympie, and South as far as Burleigh on the Gold Coast, and to Ipswich in the West, including the surrounding country towns of Rosewood, Fernvale and Lowood.

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