Don’t Delay Scheduling Your Pest Inspection in Brisbane 

Too many home and property owners neglect to call for an inspection at the first evidence of a pest infestation.  Timber pests in your home can consist of various things such as wood rot decay, borers, or termites. Ignoring a problem doesn’t make it go away, and can lead to even worse issues later on as these timber pests can cause structural damage and unhealthy living conditions for you, your loved ones, or for your tenants and should be dealt with promptly.

Pest Inspections by All Suburbs Building Inspection and Reports in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast pest inspections are affordable, can be conducted quickly, and are the best way to prevent any potential tiimber pest issues you may have with your property.

Signs you Need to Schedule a Timber Pest Inspection

There are several signs that indicate you may have a pest problem on your property, however this is often not detected by the untrained eye and requires the expertise of a highly experienced and licensed building and pest inspector.

The best combination you can have in a pest and building inspector is a keen eye for detecting timber pests as well as specialized inspection equipment such as a thermal imaging camera, moisture meter and borescope.

The inspector’s expertise combined with the latest in pest inspection technology are the best way to ensure your home or property is free of timber pests, and if they are there that they are detected early so that remedial measures may be undertaken to eradicate the problem quickly, before it becomes a huge problem which is difficult and expensive to treat.  

The Cost of Pest Damage

One colony of termites can consume a lot of wood in a day if they have infested your home. If they go undected this can lead to incredibly costly repairs to your home. All homes in Queensland are susceptible to some form of termite attack or timber pest damage, due to their being timber in most houses. Regular inspections should be done to ensure any problems are picked up early so they can be remedied before any major damage occurs.

Prevention is always Better than Cure

In Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast, annual termite inspections are the best way to prevent this kind of damage to your home. If you even suspect that your property may be the home to a colony of termites, or if you want to know if there is any other type of timber pest issue then you need to contact a pest and building inspector immediately to make sure that the situation doesn’t develop into a costly exercise.

Fully Licensed and Insured 

When you engage All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports to conduct your pest inspection you can have peace of mind knowing you have a fully licensed and pest and building inspector working for you protecting your interests.

We are also fully insured with all QBCC required insurances for Pest and Building Inspectors. All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports Inspectors are fully qualified and licensed Building & Pest Inspectors under the QBCC Queensland Building and Construction Commission (formally Queensland Building Services Authority or QBSA).

No Conflict of Interest with ASBIR

How would you know when you get a timber pest inspector who also installs termite treatments and termite barriers to inspect your home for termites that they are not going to tell you there is a pest problem, so that they can sell you a termite treatment.  Of course not all termite management companies are dishonest like this but you do unfortunately occasionally hear of these things happening.

With All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports there is no conflict of interest when we conduct timber pest inspections because we don’t sell timber pest treatments or termite barriers.  We pride ourselves on being honest and having integrity in our dealings with our clients.  You can read many testimonials from happy clients who have had pest and building inspections done by ASBIR.

Members of Master Builders Institute of Building Consultants Queensland  

Master Builders is the number one source of practical and relevant information regarding the Queensland building and construction industry. Institute of Building Consultants IBC members provide a complete consultancy service to the community and the building and construction industry.  

All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports Service Areas is Extensive!

Centrally based in the Caboolture / Morayfield area we service a large part of South-East Queensland, including the Woodford and Kilcoy areas and all suburbs of Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, within a radius of 120km from our office, as far North as Gympie, and South as far as Burleigh on the Gold Coast, and to Ipswich in the West, including the surrounding country towns of Rosewood, Fernvale and Lowood.

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