Mixed Race Excited Military Couple In Front of New Home Showing Off Their House Keys.A Handover Inspection or “PCI” at Practical Completion is probably the most important quality inspection you can have carried out when building a new home or investment property. Some people do not bother having a handover inspection done at this point, or they get their property manager or a friend who is ‘in the industry’ to do their handover inspection for them.

Often new homeowners may decide not to have a handover inspection done to save money, because building a house is such a large investment and by this stage often money is getting tight and they are thinking about furnishing their home and adding the final touches. While this is somewhat understandable, in our experience this is NOT a wise idea!

Problems often arise from not engaging a Building Inspection Expert to Conduct Your Handover Inspection…

We have seen many problems arise from property owners not having a building inspection expert do their handover inspection. A few hundred dollars spent at this point is a sound investment because it could very well save you thousands later, especially if certain building defects or other issues are missed, and you may have no come back on the builder after handover has happened and the final payment is paid.

Doing a PCI or Handover Inspection is not merely looking for a few cosmetic defects to interior paintwork and then thinking the job is done.  There are many types of building defects we come across every day that require rectification under the Australian Standards.

As a Property Manager why would you even offer to take the responsibility for something as important as a Practical Completion Inspection? Sure you might know a lot about real estate but if you are not a licensed builder or building consultant you are best to leave the Handover Inspection to someone like All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports “ASBIR” who do these inspections every day and know exactly what to look for.

Many building defects are not visible to the untrained eye and are only picked up by an experienced building consultant who is also a licensed builder, and is fully conversant with Australian Building Codes and Standards.

Sometimes it might also be necessary to liaise with the builder regarding rectification works, and the prospect of getting in the middle of a building dispute is no fun!  This is also why we discourage property managers from doing handover inspections for property owners.  This is where we come in; this is just part of what we do!

ASBIR inspections are comprehensive and superior in that we inspect many areas and aspects of a property that other handover inspection companies don’t.  Check out our website to see the list of things we look for at Handover.

If you are at the stage of planning to build or just starting construction of your new home or investment property, you may also wish to consider having stage inspections throughout construction e.g.  at slab, frame, enclosed and pre-paint stages.


If you are building a new home or investment property in Brisbane or  the Sunshine Coast we hope you will consider having ASBIR conduct your quality inspections, during construction and your Handover Inspection or PCI at Practical Completion.

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