bidding_on_auctionIf you’re thinking of buying at Auction it is Essential to Get a Pre-purchase Building & Pest Inspection Conducted. 

Bidding on auction are a funny thing in that once the hammer falls if you win you can’t back out no matter what. So the typical questions most prospective buyers are; Is it worth having a building and pest inspection done before the auction? Is it worth spending the money to have such inspections when you are not sure you will be the successful in buying?

Do you just take the risk of buying a home or investment property at auction that you may find out later has serious problems, such as termites or structural issues? Unfortunately, these are some of the major challenges people face when buying a property at auction.

It is just too much of a gamble not to get a pre-auction building and pest inspection before bidding at an auction with the HOPE that you will be the winning bidder! A pre-purchase building and pest inspection is essential when buying any new home, particularly with auctions because you don’t want any nasty surprises after the hammer falls and you are obligated to purchase the property.

Experience shows that money spent at this point to identify any problems is a worthwhile investment! Particularly here in Queensland where Termites are a huge concern and causes thousands of homes each year to be destroyed or require extensive repairs. Also the extreme weather conditions we experience in the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast region with extended wet and dry periods which affect soil conditions can cause structural problems and other issues.

So it is definitely worth spending the few hundred dollars at this point to have a building and pest inspection report conducted!

Too Late to Turn Back Once the Hammer Falls!

Once the hammer is down and the auctioneer has yells out “SOLD” it is too late for you to get your building and pest inspections done. At that point there is no opportunity for you to opt out of the contract if you discover structural or termite damage after you have moved into your new home.

Unlike other pre-purchase contracts that are put in place that have building & pest inspection clauses, auction contracts are generally not conditional upon the purchaser obtaining a satisfactory building and pest report. That is why it is so important to protect yourself from unexpected and costly repairs and that is also why you should arrange a pre-auction building and pest inspection prior to the auction date.

ASBIR Reports Complies with the Australian Standard

All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports “ASBIR” are highly experienced and fully licensed inspectors. Our Building & Pest Inspections comply with the Australian Standard AS4349.1 for a Pre-purchase Building Inspection and AS4349.3 for a Timber Pest Inspection.

Latest Technology in Building & Pest Inspection

termitesWe use latest est inspection technology including Thermal Imaging Cameras, Moisture Detection Meters and borescopes where necessary during your inspections to detect live nests of termites, moisture problems and other issues.

No Conflict of Interest with ASBIR

With ASBIR there’s no conflict of interest because we don’t sell termite barriers or pest treatments. We are also independent of any Real Estate Agents and Solicitors.  Auctions are very competitive and therefore discretion and the client’s privacy is of utmost importance.  When doing a building and pest inspection any information regarding the property is not shared with any other parties.

To obtain your obligation Free Quote call ASBIR on 1300 553 007, or simply submit an Online Enquiry Form or Quote Form and we will contact you.

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