What an Annual Pest Inspection Can Reveal… 

 An annual pest inspection differs from a building inspection in that a building inspection does not typically check for the likelihood of pest problems such as termites. Pest inspections can tell home and business owners what timber pest problems they are most likely to experience in their building based on the type of materials used during the building process, as well as other factors. Timber pests may include termites, wood borers, and wet rot decay to name a few.  These annual pest inspections can also determine whether you currently have a pest problem and how to eliminate the problem before it gets worse. 

That is why regular pest and building inspections are an important routine maintenance process for all property owners, and these should be conducted on an annual basis to ensure the safety and longevity of a residential house or a commercial building.

All Suburbs Building Inspections and Reports conduct pre-purchase and pre-sale building and pest inspections for purchasers and sellers, as well as annual pest and building inspections for homeowners and business owners to detect any maintenance issues which need to be addressed so they don’t become worse causing you unwanted long term costs. 

 ASBIR’s Annual Pest and Building Inspection and Report Prices are Competitive!  

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