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Away from the hustle and bustle but close enough to everything you could ever need, Wishart is the perfect place to settle down with a family or build a local business. Let the gorgeous curb appeal and the proximity to schools and shopping centres lure you in, and allow us to put your mind at ease when it comes to the structural integrity of your next property with a professional inspection.

Here at ASBIR, we believe the best investments come from informed decisions. As one of the biggest purchases you will make in your lifetime, it doesn’t make sense to spend a large sum on location, size and design alone. While you focus on the elements that make for the perfect home or business setup, we’ll set to work ensuring the building you’re interested in will stand the test of time and is free from hidden nasties.


The benefits of our home inspections

Unless you work in construction or have extensive building knowledge, it’s almost impossible to determine all the problems that could be lurking beneath a pretty façade. From leakage issues and cracking to safety violations and infestations, a building and pest inspection will help you decide if a building is worth investing in.

For those who are having a property built, you want to make sure the quality of construction and the materials used are up to standard. A handover inspection can assist new owners and highlight areas of concern. To provide clear information and help you liaise with builders, each handover inspection also comes with a clear report on all of our findings.


We assist you beyond the initial buying process

While pre-purchase building inspections make up a great portion of our bookings, we assist property owners throughout the duration of their ownership. Just like you would a car, checking in on the condition of your property can help to maintain its integrity over time and reduce large repair costs in the future.

It is recommended that buildings undergo a pest inspection at least once a year to ensure it is free from pests such as termites. With regular checks and other proactive measures such as barriers put in place, you can protect your home or business from costly damage that can cause intense stress to repair.

If construction is being done to your property or a nearby area, a dilapidation report can help protect all parties in the event of legal proceedings. Any construction comes with risk. Unfortunately, sometimes this risk means properties can be damaged during the course of a project being completed. With a dilapidation inspection and report, you’ll have a clear picture of the condition of a property or structure before any works took place. If any damage has occurred, the report can be used as evidence when working out compensation.


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