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Commercial Building and Home Inspections for Wynnum Residents

Wynnum is one of those suburbs that really seem to have it all. Located on a pristine coast close to various walking and biking tracks, yet close enough to the city to offer convenience, it’s a suburb that can accommodate many buyers from businesses to families and singles. While the location might be perfect, there may be hidden nasties in the properties themselves that you’ll need to consider before you buy. To truly know what to expect from your next home or business, book a professional property inspection.


Get peace of mind with a building and pest inspection

A home or business is likely going to be the biggest purchase you will make in your lifetime. While it’s important to assess the look and location of the property, a lot of important information will be the things you can’t see. Without the right building background, it’s hard to tell if a property is structurally sound – that’s where we come in.

Here at ASBIR, we have over 40 years of experience assisting buyers to make smarter, informed buying decisions. Our pre-purchase building and pest inspection can offer that peace of mind that the property you fell in love with is free from nasties that will cost you a small fortune in the near future. For some, our findings help buyers to renegotiate a better price.


We’re here after your purchase

After the sale, there are a number of reasons why business or home inspections are a good idea. For those building their own home, a handover inspection is a necessary step to ensure you got what you paid for. During this assessment, we’ll look at the construction and materials used before we give you in-depth report for you to pass to your builder.


Assess changes during construction with a dilapidation inspection

If construction works are being undertaken there is always a risk that it could impact nearby properties. To protect yourself, a dilapidation inspection and report will provide a clear picture of the condition of neighbouring buildings. This service protects all parties and is an essential piece of evidence in the case of legal proceedings.


Annual pest inspections

We can provide your building with an annual pest inspection to look for signs of infestation. Termites can be a devastating inhabitant of your home causing mass damage that is costly to repair. As a termite infestation is hard to identify yourself until it becomes a huge issue, having it checked regularly by a professional is essential.


Get in touch with us for a quote

Whether it’s getting all the facts before you decide to make a bid or private offer, or you want to do all you can to ensure the maintenance of your property, we can help. Get in touch with our team to talk about your property inspection needs in Wynnum or surrounding areas.




To organise a home inspection for your current or future property, get in touch with our team on 1300 553 007. We’ll discuss our different options with you before providing a free quote.

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