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Your Guide to Building Stage Inspections

Building your own home?

Having a new home built to your specifications and tastes is an incredibly exciting but stressful experience. As well as wanting it to be completed within the estimated timeline, you want to know the builders have completed your construction to the highest standards. To truly understand the condition of your property, we recommend getting it inspected as it is being built.

What is a building stage inspection?

It is a type of quality assurance for home owners who have chosen to build their property. It involves a building inspector attending the property on the owner’s behalf during crucial stages of the construction.

What are the benefits?

Your home is going to be one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, so you’ll want to make sure your newly built home is everything you thought it would be. With an independent inspection from a qualified and licensed building expert, you’ll receive unbiased assessment on how the construction of your home is progressing. As well as ensuring the overall quality, your inspector will also determine whether the building is adhering to Australian Building Codes and Standards.

As an independent party, we provide advice to homeowners who may not be familiar with building stages and any issues that arise with their project as they happen. By getting on top of issues at each stage, you can prevent larger problems from occurring further down the track.

What’s the difference between a handover inspection and a building stage inspection?

A handover inspection is one part of the overall building inspection process. However, some buyers choose to purchase the handover inspection separately.

What are the stages?

The building process is made up of 6 stages that can be inspected by an independent building inspector:

  • Base/slab
  • Frame
  • Enclosed/lock-up
  • Fixing/ pre-paint
  • Handover/PCI
  • End of warranty

Do I have to check every stage?

Nope! It’s totally up to you how much of the construction you would like checked by an independent professional. Of course, for greater peace of mind and to ensure your home is structurally sound, getting some of these stages checked is essential. As a minimum, we highly recommend having the frame, handover and end of warranty inspections completed.

Have questions that haven’t been answered here?

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