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With a pleasant mix of old and new style construction and a convenient location close to the city, it’s little wonder why many buyers are visiting Cannon Hill for their next property inspection. But while many homes are blessed with stunning views, picturesque gardens or ample floor space, there are many that are gifted with things a little less savoury.

To understand what you’re really buying into, it’s essential you get a professional building inspection.


From pests to dilapidation, we have your needs covered

Your home is probably going to be the biggest investment you make in your lifetime, so it makes sense to ensure you’re getting exactly what you expect. A part of due diligence for you as a buyer is to take the necessary precautions to ensure what you’re buying is right for you. A professional inspection can help you to make an informed decision on your next purchase.


Handover inspection for new builds

Unless you have been there at every stage of the building process, it’s impossible to know the quality of the build for a new home. Whether from inferior materials, poor construction or shortcuts taken at different stages, a new home may look fresh and pristine, but it could be hiding issues beneath its pretty exterior. A handover inspection assesses the entire property to give you peace of mind when you hand over the last payment and receive the keys.


Dilapidation report for construction works

Whether it is construction on your own premises or a neighbour, getting a dilapidation inspection and report could help you resolve any disputes that may arise. The report includes details and photographs of the current state of the property and will act as a before shot to compare to after any construction work has been completed. If any damage has been a result of nearby works, your report will provide key evidence in determining compensation.


Protect yourself from pests

Pests do not play favourites and even the best construction could succumb to a pest infestation. To offer the best protection for your building, regular pest inspections and necessary precautions are essential. Annual checks are recommended, however you can also request to have a property checked before you decide to buy.


We also provide thorough commercial building inspections

The location and state of your commercial space says a lot about your business and will influence a client’s first impression. With over 40 years of experience we’ve conducted commercial building inspections of all shapes and sizes and have successfully helped many business owners make the right choice about their next location. A smart investment relies on being able to avoid exorbitant costs in future. Armed with all the information about a property, you can select one you know has the best chance of withstanding the test of time.


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Before you purchase your next business or home, get a detailed report from a professional. Get in touch with our team for your quote on a building inspection in Cannon Hill or neighbouring suburbs today.

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