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Purchasing a new property is a big decision, making it important that you inspect your potential purchase for any signs of damage or pest infestation before finalising the deal. Hiring professional building inspection services grants you peace of mind that your prospective house or commercial building is free from damage or informs you of its current state and how it can be remedied. At ASBIR, we pride ourselves on conducting inspections and providing reports that assist southeast Queensland residents and business owners in making informed decisions when it comes to their next property purchase.

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Building Inspection Services & Reports

If you are looking to purchase a property, it is vital that you enlist professional building and pest inspection services to conduct an analysis of the building before you agree to purchase it. As the provider of building inspections that allow homeowners to make informed decisions, we check for any defects within the building while also looking for any signs of pest infestation, so you are aware of what exactly your potential purchase includes.

Our property inspection services extend to commercial buildings as we inspect the building for any signs of pests or damage. We understand that your business is your livelihood and that it is important to operate out of a building that is safe and reliable, which is why commercial building inspections are designed to inform you of the quality of your chosen site so you can be rest assured knowing your business won’t be interrupted by any nasty surprises.

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Building your own home is a major milestone and marks an exciting change in your life. Owning a home is a major responsibility, which is why it is important to hire building inspection services to ensure your newly built home meets your high expectations before you take the keys and move in. We provide trusted handover inspections (PCI) homeowners call upon to ensure their new house is their dream home.

Constructing a building is a prolonged process, with problems that occur early in the project having the potential to cause greater issues down the track. Building stage inspections analyse the quality of the project throughout different stages of construction, ensuring any overlooked problems are noted so they can be remedied before your home is finalised. These property inspection services protect you from moving into a newly built home that does not meet your expectations.

Sometimes referred to as preconstruction inspections or property condition reports, a dilapidation report is conducted when construction work is about to take place near your property. If you are worried that these nearby works may damage your property, hiring a professional to conduct a dilapidation report ensures the state of your building has been accurately recorded before construction, making it simple to prove any negative effects that have occurred as the result of a recent nearby project.

Built to keep your home and contents protected, it is vital that your roof is properly maintained to protect the things that matter most to you, from your possessions to your family. Whether you have noticed damage to your roof or are simply after peace of mind, at ASBIR we provide the roof inspections Brisbane property owners trust to stay safe and secure. Each inspection comes with a detailed roof report that goes into detail about your roof’s condition while offering ways to improve it now and into the future.

If you are already living in your home or working out of a commercial property, it is important to conduct regular inspections for the sake of maintenance. Our team inspects all facets of your property to detect if any parts of your building are showing signs of damage so you can get on top of the problem before it escalates, while our pest inspection services check for any traces of termites.

No property is immune to pests, making it vital to conduct yearly pest inspections to keep your building bug free. Keeping your property free of pests protects it from potential damage while maintaining its value, with our pest inspections services able to inform you of any potential pests your building may bring based on its design.

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Whether you are buying or building a home or looking to purchase a commercial property, it is important to hire the right building inspection services to ensure you are making your purchase as well-informed as possible. 

With a focus on professionalism, independence, quality, and our Gold Standard customer focused approach, ASBIR is here to help. To get started, give us a call on 1300 553 007, send an email to info@asbir.com.au, or request a free quote.

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