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Has Your House had a Health Check Recently?

For most of us, a visit to the doctor isn’t a rare occurrence. From routine check-ups to immunisations and prescriptions, a part of everyday living is ensuring our bodies are in the best shape possible. That same line of thinking also extends to our purchases as we take our cars to the mechanics for servicing. But, are you treating your house the same way?

As the biggest purchase you have probably made, it makes sense to do what you can maintain the condition of your property. While there are certainly things you can take care of yourself (which is covered in our maintenance blogs), a part of the upkeep will often require a professional set of eyes.

Maintenance inspections are essential for all properties, from an owner-occupied home to one that is simply an investment that has been added to your portfolio. So, why are these inspections so important and what do they look for? Well, that depends.

New builds  

Once a new build has been completed and the handover has taken place, you’ll typically have a defect liability period where it is the builder’s responsibility to take care of certain repairs. This liability period can vary, but is typically around 6 to 12 months. New builds also come with a structural warranty that covers things like cracking and subsidence.

Getting an inspection during these stages will ensure you recognise any issues while you’re still covered and can get them remedied before they become a cost you have to bear yourself.

Termite prone areas

Unless the infestation has hit critical point, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to determine whether or not you have a termite problem yourself. Having a professional inspection done will help you keep on top of it and take prompt action at any sign of trouble. Pest inspections are recommended annually and failure to do so may have an impact on your warranties.

Older builds

From general wear and tear, to weather or plumbing issues, over time your home’s integrity will change and need attention. For those with investment properties, getting a maintenance inspection once a tenant vacates will also make sure any damage caused by them hasn’t been concealed and left unattended.

The ultimate protection is being proactive

Don’t let problems go unnoticed until they because costly projects. By addressing any issues before something breaks or is severely damaged, you’ll not only save on costs, you’ll ensure your home stays in great condition for years to come.

If you would like to learn more about maintenance inspections and how they can help protect the safety of residents and the integrity of your property, please get in touch.

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