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What Your Pre-Purchase Building & Pest Report Should Tell You About The Kitchen 

Everyone loves a stylish updated kitchen and most of us will look at the kitchen first when viewing a home. However, looks can be deceiving and may hide a multitude of defects.  

We live in the reality TV era and because of the myriad of DIY shows available to view many people will have a go at renovating their homes. Some choose to renovate without licensed tradespeople, which can open a Pandora’s Box of possible problems. A kitchen may look clean and modern but who knows what is hidden behind the window dressing. 

The kitchen is often the most used room and is usually where families gather in the house. It also has the most plumbing and electrical services running to it and through it and as such is prone to moisture damage, corrosion, and decay. Your family’s safety as well as the daily useability of your kitchen will be seriously impacted by a defective kitchen. It is essential a thorough inspection by a licensed and experienced inspector is undertaken of this area.  

A new kitchen is no guarantee of no problems.  

Kitchens cost a lot to install and repair, and the last thing anybody wants is to move into a new home only to discover the kitchen needs to be replaced because a thorough inspection was not undertaken before settlement. 

Our building inspectors will check the kitchen for the following: 

  • Ceiling, walls, architraves and skirtings for structural or water damage 
  • The condition of the fixtures especially the kickboard and edge banding 
  • Under the kitchen sink for leaks or moisture damage 
  • Tap set for leaks and drips 
  • Benches for damage and moisture damage 
  • Rangehood operation 
  • Splashback for damage and grout and sealant condition 
  • Sink drainage 
  • Lights switch on and off 
  • Floors for drummy, cracked or chipped tiles 

As you can see, there is more to a kitchen inspection than what is visible and even any of these are missed they can cause stress, frustration and expense. All of which could be avoided if the property had been correctly and thoroughly inspected.  

Once a defect is found, the owners are often given the opportunity to rectify the issues at their cost. Alternatively, you can negotiate the price of the house down, to accommodate the cost of fixing the issues once you’ve moved into the home. But this can only happen if you know the true state of the home, including the kitchen. 

As our inspectors are fully licensed, insured and extensively experienced they will be able to ensure the home you want to buy does not have any hidden expenses. 

Water damage to cupboard shelving 

Poorly renovated plumbing works 

Out of alignment cupboard doors 

Defective ceiling surfaces 

Incomplete renovation 

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