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7 tips for a seamless move

While getting a new home is exciting, the planning and organisation it takes to move in can be
stressful. While it’s unlikely any move will be 100% stress free, there are steps you can take to make
moving day that little less painful.

Here are our top 7 tips to get you started.

Pack your first night essentials box

Whether you’re hiring removalists or you’re taking it on yourself, moving day is sure to be busy and
box filled, so it pays to be prepared. As well as labelling your boxes clearly with the room the
contents are for, pack your first night essentials box. What this contains will depend on your needs,
but it’s a good idea to include scissors, Allen keys, screwdrivers and sealable bags with any screws
from your furniture. You may also want to include some clean bedding and a couple of towels.

Organise a play date for the kids

Moving day isn’t much fun for the adults, so it’s no surprise it can be torture for the kids. The
excitement of the new home and the new space to run around in can be great – until the kids get in
the way as heavy items are being moved into place. To eliminate the risk of accidents, try organising
a play date with friends or family for the day.

Ease into introductions for your pets

While a new home is exciting for you, it can be a little scary and too unfamiliar for your pet. To ease
their anxiety, introduce them to the new place slowly. When moving in, dedicate a room to your pet
and fill it with familiar toys, beds and blankets that still have the smell of their old home. Once they
seem comfortable, slowly introduce them to other areas of the home.

Organise your power, gas, water and internet

Having all of these set up before you even move in can be a lifesaver come moving day. After all of
that heavy lifting and unpacking, you’ll want to celebrate with a nice hot shower or a sneaky Netflix

Update your address

Sounds silly, but changing your address can often get pushed to the back burner amongst the hustle
and bustle of a move. If you’re not sure if you’ve covered all the places you need to with the new
address, head to the post office and have your mail redirected from your old address to the new one
for a month or so.

Get home and contents insurance

Home and contents insurance should be organised as soon as possible after purchasing your
property. Before you move in, organise a policy and settle into your new place with that added
peace of mind.

Cut some spare keys

The last thing you want after just moving in is to lock yourself out. Cut yourself some spare keys for
other residents in the household or to give to someone you trust for emergencies.
Happy moving!


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