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Building Stage Inspections: Your Questions Answered

Buying a home is an exciting life achievement, but there’s something extra special about having one built just the way you imagined it. While building is the opportunity to get the layout and features you’ve always wanted, errors made in the construction can turn that dream home into a property that causes you heartache.

Getting building stage inspections done throughout the construction process is highly recommended for home owners building their home. To help you decide if this is something that’s right for you, we’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions.

What are building stage inspections?

Building stage inspections are designed to offer peace of mind to buyers by assessing the construction of a property at various stages of the building process. It’s an independent assessment that will look at the quality of workmanship and identify any defects, if any, that need to be rectified.

What stages of the build does the inspector assess?

In short, this is a decision that you as the client get to make. An inspector can assess all key stages of the build or just the stages you deem most important. There are six main stages to consider for inspection:

  • Slab
  • Frame
  • Enclosed or lock-up stage
  • Pre-paint or fixing stage
  • Handover
  • End of warranty

While all of these stages are important to the overall integrity of a build, we highly recommend that at least the frame, handover and end of warranty checks are carried out.

What are the key benefits?

While it can be time consuming fixing any problems during the building stage, it’s a much larger problem to remedy if the building has already been completed. One error during an earlier stage can essentially lead to a domino effect, with one defect impacting future stages (and therefore the overall integrity) of the property.

As well as defects, getting an independent assessment will give you a chance to gain insight into the quality of workmanship and finishes that will make your property feel like a beautiful home. Meeting building code and standards is essential, but it’s also the quality of the build, fitting and fixtures that make all the difference for an owner.

Will these inspections delay the building process?

Not necessarily! Each of these inspections can usually be done without having to cause any delay to the construction schedule and simply require some co-ordination between the builder and the inspector you choose. Give the builder a heads up at the start of the build so they can set expectations for themselves and to let them know an inspector will be in touch.

Where should I find more information?

The best source will be the inspectors you’re thinking of hiring for the job. They’ll be able to provide more information such as their availability, what is included in their reports and costs.

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