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How to Makeover These 4 Rooms on a Budget

Redecorating your home is a great way to breathe new life into your space – but what do
you do if a makeover simply isn’t in your budget? The truth is that not all upgrades need to
cost you a fortune to make a big difference, even when it comes to crucial parts of your
home like the kitchen, bedroom and living room.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to update your property, here are our top
suggestions for affordable ways to revitalise these three rooms:


Bedrooms are one of the most affordable spaces to transform, as there are so many low-
cost décor items available to choose from. If you’re wanting to do a quick and easy
makeover, try buying a new set of bed linen, rearranging the furniture and add a few green
plants to give the space new life. For an even bigger difference, you could give the walls a
fresh coat of paint, add some beautiful new curtains to the windows and even add floating
shelves to the walls that can be used to show off some of your favourite items.

Living room

If the living room is where you and your family spend the most time, you will probably feel
as though it needs some updating every once and a while. The good news is that, no matter
your personal style, this room can be effortlessly affordable to transform. Revamping your
décor with rugs, wall art and throw pillows can provide effortless style despite costing very
little at all. For a more dramatic transformation, consider adding some pendant lights or
investing in a lamp that draws the eye when you walk into the room.


The kitchen is a notoriously expensive room to makeover, but there still a few ways you can
spruce it up whilst sticking to your budget. If your cabinets are still functional but feel dated
to you in colour or style, you can easily refresh them with a coat of paint. This will brighten
up the entire space and only cost you a fraction of what you might spend completely
redoing your cabinetry.

In the kitchen, small changes can also make a huge difference. Try changing up your
tapware to a more modern option, or replacing your old cabinet handles with new ones.
Investing in new, sleek appliances can also add a touch of modernity to your space without
costing a fortune. These changes might seem small on their own, but they can make your
kitchen feel like brand new.


Just like the kitchen, a bathroom renovation can quickly become very expensive. The key to
keeping the cost down is to focus on cosmetic items only, and try to lighten and brighten
the room as much as possible.

Small changes such as updating the mirror, replacing towel rails, light fittings and tap
fixtures can be very cost effective. If you’re a little bit handy, you may also consider painting
over some of the tiles with a specialised tile paint. Updating the darker colours with a simple
coat of white paint can dramatically change the look of the room. Making the room lighter
and brighter also helps it to feel larger.


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