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Maximising Space in a Small Apartment

Whether it’s your first home or you’re looking to downsize, apartments are a great option. However, while apartments offer a range of benefits, they do take some clever planning to make the most of the smaller space.

So how can you ensure you’ll fit everything you need? Take a look at our tips for maximising space.

Multi-purpose furniture

If you have furniture you’ll need to take with you to your new place, take a tape measure with you to any home inspections to see where your items can go. For new items, choose furniture that serves more than one purpose. For example, ottomans and sofas that have built in storage or a fold out bed for guests.

Vertical storage

Instead of freestanding bookshelves and standard cupboards, consider extending them all the way to the ceiling. Storage in light colours such as white will leave the space looking open and bright whilst helping you store more. You may choose to purchase bespoke items or install floating shelves to free up more floor space.

Don’t pick little items

When styling a small space, many people fall into the trap of thinking they should buy smaller pieces of furniture. However, this can often make an area appear even smaller than it actually is as it’s packed with more items. One large piece of furniture can usually replace of two or three smaller items and will actually end up taking less floor space too.

Natural light

Natural light not only brings an airy, vibrant feel to any home; it can make those smaller spaces seem larger and more inviting. Invite natural light in wherever you can with large windows and sheer white curtains in the daytime. If you’d still like to separate areas, consider doors with patterned glass that will allow light to flow though.

Light solid colours for walls

Sticking with the theme of keeping things light, using solid light colours for your walls will keep your space open. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with colours of course. To introduce some brighter colours, patterns textures, purchase a mix of cushions or throws to place throughout the space. To add some personality to your walls, consider a large piece of artwork or a mirror with unique details. Mirrors instantly open up a space while also being functional and is a trick used by many small home owners.

Make those hard calls

You’d be surprised how little you actually need when you’re forced to cull a little. Make those tough choices and donate items you’ll no longer need. Smaller apartments may have less wardrobe space, a combine bathroom and laundry or have less storage in the kitchen. Whatever the case may be, only bring or purchase items that are essential for the first few months. Once you’ve been in the space for a while, you can decide how much room you have for luxuries.

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