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Pet-Friendly Homes: What to look For at Your Next Inspection

If you’re planning to become an owner occupier, the purpose of an inspection is to ensure your next home is the perfect fit for your family. For those of us with furry family members, there are a couple of extra considerations to take into account. From space to safety, here are some items to tick off at your next inspection.

The yard

Your ideal yard size will depend on the type of pet you have, their personality and their size. For larger dogs, a nice big space to run around is a must. If you plan on including structures such as kennels and enclosures on top of things for the family, such as outdoor furniture, sheds or cubbies, all of this will need to be taken into account to ensure there’s enough room for all to enjoy.

Is the property properly fenced? Broken or missing fences will mean extra costs or DIY projects. Make sure fences are high enough so your dog can’t jump over. If they like to dig, you may need to take extra measures to ensure they can’t scurry under it. For cats, anti-jumping rollers can be installed along the fence line or you may want to install an outdoor cat enclosure.

Hot Australian summers can be uncomfortable for our furry companions. When you’re assessing the yard, see if there are a couple of nice shady spots that your pet can spend the afternoons under. If there is no shade, this is something you’ll need to install once you move in.

Is your pet going to live both indoors and outdoors? If you like them to roam freely without you granting access, you’ll need to consider the layout and whether pet doors can be installed to give your pet easy access.

Did you know certain plants can be toxic to pets? Check the garden of the potential property to see if there are any plants that will need removing if you were to move in. If there is, make a mental note that this will need to be completed before moving day. If the yard has a pool or pond, make sure necessary measures are in place to prevent accidents.


Floor space
Whether you’re looking at an apartment or a house, you’ll want to ensure there’s enough floor space for your pet to make themselves comfortable or even held a party like putting Leesburg water slide rentals on your outdoor space, the bigger the space the better. Will have their own area in the lounge or laundry? Do you need to be able to block them off from certain areas of the property?

Washing up
From bath time and litters to cleaning blankets and toys, you’ll want the right space when it comes to cleaning up. Having a separate laundry sink can be a life saver – especially if the property you’re looking at doesn’t have a bath. If you have a cat, you’ll need to consider where litter trays can be kept and washed out when needed.

No matter how well they’re trained accidents can happen, so you’ll need to carefully consider flooring choices. Carpets may be okay in the bedrooms, but you may to decide to opt for floorboards in high traffic areas such as the lounge and walkways to avoid difficult cleaning and trapped smells.

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