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What Your Pre-Purchase Building & Pest Report Should Tell You About The Bathrooms & Ensuites 

Everyone loves a new bathroom. Which is why bathrooms and ensuites are the focus of a home viewing. A clean, stylish and modern bathroom will override the negatives of other areas of the house. Even the most modern or carefully renovated bathrooms can have hidden problems that aren’t easily seen by the buyer. It is essential a thorough inspection by a licensed and experienced inspector is undertaken of these and all wet areas. 

We live in the reality TV era and because of the shows available to view many people think renovating a bathroom is easy and will have a go at renovating themselves. Some choose to renovate without licensed tradespeople, which can open a treasure trove of possible problems. The bathrooms in the home you purchase must not only abide by the local plumbing laws, but they should also be useable without any problems or safety concerns. 

Bathrooms and wet areas are high risk areas for problems and defects due to the complicated installation of water, gas, electricity, and waste. 

 Some of the underlying issues in a bathroom aren’t noticeable unless an inspector checks the problem areas that are common to some properties.  

What will our building inspector look for in the wet areas of the home? 

Our inspectors will check for the following: 

  • A check with a moisture meter for moisture on the floors and walls 
  • Tiles on the floors and walls for drumminess, cracking and chipping 
  • Shower and bath taps will be turned on to check the hot and cold water are on the correct sides (hot water should always be on the left, cold water on the right) and that the hot water is operational 
  • All bathroom taps will be checked for leaks and drips and that they turn off correctly 
  • Shower rose will be checked for drips after it’s been turned on 
  • Taps will be checked to see handles and buttons are intact 
  • The shower tray will be checked to ensure there are no leaks and the waste drains the water away 
  • Shower screen will be inspected for seal damage, cracks or chips, and that it swivels/closes as needed 
  • Ventilation will be checked to ensure it’s adequate for the bathroom 
  • Seals around the bath will be inspected 
  • Location of the floor waste in both the main bathroom and ensuite will be checked 
  • Basins will be checked to ensure they drain away 
  • Pop-up plug and waste will be checked to ensure they don’t get stuck into place 
  • Vanity cabinet will be checked for moisture and possible leaks 
  • Lights will be turned on to check for function 
  • Walls will be checked for water damage 
  • Toilet pans will be checked for cracks 
  • Toilet will be flushed to ensure no leaks through the pan collar and that the cistern cuts off after being filled 
  • Check for cistern leaks both outside and inside the cistern 
  • Check for the rubber seal connecting the cistern to the toilet pan doesn’t leak 
  • Ensure the buttons on the cistern press down as required 
  • Check architraves for moisture or water damage. 

As you can see, there is more to a bathroom inspection than what is visible.  If any of these are missed they can cause stress, frustration and expense. All of which could be avoided if the property had been correctly and thoroughly inspected.  

Once a defect is found, the owners are often given the opportunity to rectify the issues at their cost. Alternatively, you can negotiate the price of the house down, to accommodate the cost of fixing the issues once you’ve moved into the home. But this can only happen if you know the true state of the home. 

As our inspectors are fully licensed, insured and extensively experienced they will be able to ensure the home you want to buy does not have any hidden expenses. 

Extractor fan missing 

Cracked tiles 

Moisture damage to vanity kicker 

Leaking toilet pan with cracked floor tiles 

Drummy tiles 

Water damage to wall with high moisture reading 

Tap set leaking and not correctly installed 

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