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What do pre handover inspections look for?

A Pre-Handover Inspection is a thorough inspection of a newly built property examining the structure for defects under the Australian Standards and Building Codes along with evaluating the quality of the workmanship. It focuses on any issues that need to be addressed before the final payment is made.

An inspector will look for building defects and damage along with cosmetic defects and the quality of the finishes. He will ensure there is no incomplete or unfinished works, and the site and building are free of safety hazards. He will check the presence of installations and the operation of the fixtures and fittings.

Areas inspected include the site, including fences, retaining walls and relevant features as well as the exteriors of the building and roof. Also inspected is the interior of the building including the roof space and subfloor space along with all the services and installations.

Specifically, for example, he will check that all windows slide smoothly and open and shut correctly. Another thing that is checked is all wet areas to ensure silicone has been installed where required.

For a complete list of what is checked at this inspection please use the following link:

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